Sunday, June 30, 2013

Sunday Evening Post

Top 10 for the week:

1. Tide pools in West Seattle during the lowest tide for the year.  The highlight was the moon snail.  I'd never seen one before.

2. Levin's birthday at the zoo.

Yup.  Basically the only picture we took while there.
Nothing says "family man" like pushing a double stroller with an Elmo balloon attached.

3. Heat.  We are no longer conditioned for temperatures in the 80's.

Ray always teases me about having a heat tolerance range of 5 degrees... 70-75 degrees to be exact.
I'm not the only one that thinks 84 degrees is "uncomfortable."
That swimming pool is now acidic... Levin informed us each time he peed in it.
Swimming party, our house, tomorrow.

4. Still figuring out what our life now looks like.  I didn't know it would change so much just by having Atlas.

5. Since free time for projects and sewing has bottomed out at 0, I just pull out pieces of fabric and look at them... and make Atlas look at them with me.

Atlas helping me pick out fabric.  "Anything but pink," he said.

6. Atlas' arrival definitely clarified that Levin is no longer a baby.  A mini-man is more like it.  He's already pulling a man's weight around the house.

I especially like two things:
1. Ray's wearing safety goggles... since when does he or anyone else do that?
2. Levin isn't wearing safety goggles and is in front (shielding I suppose).

7. Not enough of this going on around here.  I forgot what it felt like to be absolutely exhausted.

The head bob finally woke me up

8. Ray thought our neighbor's junk just might be treasure.  Turns out it was.

Ray made me slam on the breaks when he saw this beauty out by our neighbor's trash can on trash day.
He and Levin walked her the last quarter mile home.

9. Sad day this week when i realized it was time to buy non-breakable dishes.  Serves me right though... I'd just been patting myself on the back for not having broken a dish in 5 years.  The real question now is: Corelle or Melamine?

New home... stacked on the bottom shelf

Melamine option

10. The raspberries are going gang-buster.  Even Levin is getting sick of eating them.

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Fathers & Sons

This weekend was the Father and Sons' Campout.  Ray was excited to take Levin and invited my dad to join them.  I'm pretty sure he was entertaining the idea of taking Atlas too.  It was dude camping, but they had an awesome time.  Ray sent me texts and pictures throughout the day/evening/night/morning so I wouldn't feel left out.  I didn't feel left out.

I'll post the texts with their pictures so you won't feel left out either.

Let good times roll.

The build up.

After ten good runs, a "shouldn't have been
running on wet plastic like Dad told you," and a
case of the cold shivers . . . 

The long wet walk home . . . 

This is a kid's dream log to run and climb on . . . 

"If only I were a foot taller . . ."

"Finally!  Someone my own size I can play with."

"Wait a minute . . . Don't play with my chair.  It's mine, give it to me."

Levin meets Mr. S'more.  Then tries to wipe it on Dad.

All bundled up and ready for bed.

"Good morning . . . Is that a bear I hear outside?"

"I know there is a man-eating, growling beast lurking
outside waiting to eat me . . ."

"No way in hell I'm going out with that bear unless
I can get some oatmeal for breakfast."

Levin discovers the bear and faces it down.

"Any bear that will let me watch iPhone videos is
a friend of mine."

"We call this a mess . . . er, I mean breakfast."

Out for a morning ride.

Watching a horse be trained with Grandpa . . .
note the wrangler jeans
If you ever want to see a tight grip, you have two
choices:  throw a drowning cat on a log in the river
or have Cactus Cal share one sip of grape soda with
Mr. Levin . . . Both procure the same intensity of
grip . . . 

After canoeing, hiking, and hitting the giant slip 'n slide
again, Mr. Levin is spent and headed back to civilization.
One if the last things he said before was "bye horse" and "mommy."

Friday, June 21, 2013

Resurrection of a Blog

Nothing makes you think of resurrection like a new baby... except maybe Easter.

Atlas Lincoln Follett
3:57am on June 12, 2013
8 pounds and 20.5 inches
20 digits

This past week and a half has been simply wonderful.  Not the stress and fear I felt after Levin, but still a new baby to hold and a family recreated.

One of my favorite parts of having children is placing all sorts of ridiculous projections on them.  Atlas has given us plenty to work with.  He came so fast, the doctor just down the hall didn't make it intime to catch him.  Seventy seconds from first push to delivery.  I should have guessed he was almost here when the nurse started yelling for nurses in the hall to "HELP please!" and she said, "don't push."  I thought, "Just try and stop me.  This hurts very badly."  He presented Super Man style with his fist leading the way.  Practically punched his way out of the womb, I guess.

Atlas also spends a good part of his day calmly looking around.  Levin opened his eyes once right after he was born, then didn't open them again for 3 days.

We've got ourselves a strong, silent and punctual type.  It's a lot to live up to, little guy.  Good luck.