Monday, December 1, 2008

It started out with a kiss. How did it end up like this?

I should have seen it coming. He likes surprises.

(not posed... didn't even know anyone was watching)
Reflections on a Surprise:

August '07: Blind date... he's 6'6" and we both drive identical 4Runners

9/2007: Talk occasionally on phone... find out we both have type A+ Blood... significant right?

Oct '07: Hiking through soggy marsh in mountains... he accidentally punches me in the face

November 2007: Go to seafood restaurant and see pictures of sailboats... realize he knows A LOT about sail boats... find out he sails boats

12-07: Just friends... But still invites me to Hawaii for Family's Christmas Vacation

January Two-Thousand Eight: I try to prove a point without having statistical data to back it up... calls me on it... realize he doesn't avoid intellectual conflict for politeness' sake

2~2008: Still just friends... hasn't tried to pull any moves... wonder what that means?

March '08: Finally SQUEEZE out of him the accomplishments he's most humble about... these are BIG accomplishments

4/08: Still just friends, I decide he's "too in-to his hobbies" because he chooses sky-diving over hockey game with me... mentally dump him

May '08: Go to Alaska for fishing/camping trip... he makes his first move... holds my hand (when no one's looking)

Sixth Month of 2008: Watch him choose to eat raw carrots & broccoli for breakfast over the donut holes I chose... know he eats more than his share of Snack Ramen... Is he a healthy eater or not?

7-08: Is straight forward and tells me what he needs from me... to move closer to him so we can date... then asks what I need from him (and means it)

August 08: Lets me go with him on some business travels... get to hear him "talk business"... he's REALLY good at his job

Sept 2008: Says he's going to Alaska hunting... is really hiding under my bed waiting to surprise me

10~08: I move to Seattle... we're both surprised I finally make the move over there

November of '08: Gives me a rock... on top of a rock... I personally hear him drop the Mother M Bomb (M-A-R-R-Y) and know that word hasn't been mentioned before... even in passing

Raymond Lamont Follett, here's my closing line where I present my clever point, even after 17 months of continuous surprises... I'm surprisingly still surprised.