Thursday, November 10, 2011

Next Day Surprises

One of the best parts about having Ray take care of Levin (without me there) is the surprises I find from it.

Ray was taking care of Levin on Sunday evening while I had a group of people over from church for an organizational meeting.  Here are the two best surprises I found on Monday morning:

1.  These pictures Ray took of Levin.

I think he looks like Maggie Simpson here
One of the women from the meeting had her little girl with her and the little girl kept wanting to see what the baby was doing.  They found this old cupboard I had painted the day before and spent the rest of the time playing in it.  Levin is a REALLY awesome friend.  He's a good listener, doesn't interrupt, and pretty much just plays along with anything.

2.  These socks I found on the next morning when I went to give him his bath.  They were on under his pajamas.

I'm not sure if this is what Ray was thinking, but I imagine he was getting Levin dressed in his pajamas and pondered, "am I supposed to take these off or leave these on?"


Last time I was gone, Ray taught Levin how to hold his own bottle.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Ol' Soggy Bottom

This picture says nothing but bad things.  It says:

1.  Once again I've put off folding the clothes until 10:30pm and since Levin is already asleep, I have to pile them by his door.  I can't even technically mark "laundry" off my To Do list because his clothes aren't put away.  The funny thing is that I don't even hate folding laundry.  I like it.  I put it off because I always save my fun chores until last.

2.  It's like I said to Ray tonight, "Well... it's official; nobody in this house creates more laundry than ol' soggy bottom in there."  He even generated more laundry than Ray made while hunting these past two weeks.

Ol' Soggy Bottom

And look who got one of those Bumbo seats this week?  Good timing because he got to eat his first baby food, a bunch of prunes, this week too.  It was kind of a bitter/sweet day.  Sweet because Levin can't escape.  Even with his super back-arch powers, his fat thighs stay firmly stuck.  At least for now.  Bitter because you feed a baby prunes for one reason only.  I'm scared to see how "that" drama is going to play out.  I guess every two weeks isn't often enough.  Last month I only changed one messy diaper.  The other one was on Ande's watch.  And now I need to eat a slice of humble pie because I swore I'd never talk about such things on a blog.