Saturday, October 17, 2009

Happiness is...

... an encore!

Just kidding. I didn't get an encore. I just found this "Happiness is..." post I'd written back in May on my desktop.

I'm cleaning off my desktop.

Without further ado:

Happiness is… having a permanent travel partner.

When I used to fly to Hawaii each fall for school, I would start getting sad a few days before I even left. The ride over to the Seattle airport was where all the sad feelings compounded. Right about the time we hit I-90, I’d start seriously contemplating transferring to Big Bend Community College for my degree; anything to get rid of this horribly lonely feeling in my stomach. During those years, airports came to be synonymous with misery.

The day I married Ray was the day that horrible feeling left. I now had not only a permanent travel partner, but a permanent best friend too. Slowly, but surely, airports and travel are returning to a state of anticipation.

It also helps that he flies enough for work that he’s developed travel “status” (whatever that means, psshhhh). With his MVP Gold status, we get to go through the “special” (short) security line. Sometimes we get bumped up to 1st Class. We get to check 2 bags for free. Assurance I “married up.”

Thursday, October 1, 2009

A Bird Head

And on a much lighter note:

There's a seagull out there without a head.


(Compliments of a walk with Neighbor Jane Payne)

Only keep scrolling down if you want to see a close-up, including the dried out eye sockets.