Wednesday, April 29, 2009

As Follow-up...

... to the turtle post:

I finally got my turtle rearing books from the library.

When I first told Ray they were waiting for me at the library, I asked him if he was ready for this BIG commitment (meaning the responsibility of keeping a living-thing living). He said, "I don't know Cali, are you ready for the commitment? I mean you have to return them on time and if you don't they fine you. Checking out books IS a big commitment." He said it all cheeky-like too.

Don't worry though. I got the last laugh. I left this on his side of the bed, to discover while I was at work.

(It reads: Repeat after me, "Come to Pappa!" with an extra "p" for added emphasis)

Here's Two Lips that Won't Talk Back

That title is for you mom. In honor of ALL the times you read me The Mailman of Bayberry Lane.

(Believe it or not, this man is sporting a Tulip Festival pamphlet in his back pocket)

This past week we went up to the Skagit Valley Tulip Festival & Air Show. Ray wanted to see the flowers. I wanted to see the air planes. We both saw a lot of tulips and planes.

The highlights of the trip were:
  1. Eating at an Italian/Greek restaurant. It was an interesting combo... interesting in a really good way.

  2. Just driving around and talking. We spent almost an hour discussing why these farmers would grow all these tulips. It's not like Pike's Market in Seattle can sell ALL these flowers, especially because they're all blooming at once. We finally searched through and read our pamphlet. Turns out they're harvesting the bulbs as a crop. My favorite theories were: a) Postcard and calendar production is more lucrative than we assumed. b) The husbands grow the fields of tulips to attract the tourists so the wives can sell all their crafts/antiques/baked-goods at the bazaars and auctions. c) There's no money in it, at all. This is just the result of "keeping up with the Joneses." Friendly flower gardening turned into competitive flower farming.

  3. Ray and I narrating the pilot's in-flight conversations while watching them at the air show. We were both SURE we knew what their air talk sounded like:
    "Bud, I'm losing my breakfast. Take over. I'm going home."
    "Ahhhh! Charlie! Get off my tail. You're TOO close."
    "Oh, before I go Bud, we should think about getting matching Flying Ace scarves. Your plane is red. You can be the Red Baron. My plane is white. I'll be the White Baron."

(Alas, only two pictures to show for all this fun... and the one of me is with a stupid, rusty bus in the background.
I was just testing my self-portrait aim, then my camera battery died)

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


This weekend we went home to Moses Lake. We played dominoes. We shot black powder guns (had a shoot-off, which my dad won). We talked politics. As with all political talk… we had ALL the answers.

Our comments on those pirates:

Cali (to anyone who mentioned Somali Pirates): I'm just glad they're back to calling them pirates instead of just plain old terrorists. I think it makes this whole business sound more adventurous than being a terrorist’s hostage.

Cali (pondering to self before she knew much about these pirates): Where are Somali pirates from? My instinct says Somalia. Why are all pirates from Somalia. Are there any Tanzani pirates? Are they less prevalent, therefore we don't hear much about them? I'm still glad they're calling them pirates. It conjures up a good mental picture.

Calvin (hollering to Cali, Ray, and Jane in the other room playing dominos): The captain was freed from the pirates.

Cali (shouts back in response): Yarrrr!

Jane (sing-songs in response): Yo Ho Ho!

Ray withstood the urge to bust out the pirate lingo.

Calvin (mumbled under his breath after finding that 4 more ships have been hijacked by Somali pirates in the last week): In the old days all sailors knew how to use a gun, or a sword, or at the very least a knife.

Calvin (follow up to the prior mumbling): How do those pirates even get over those tall ships’ sides? The sailors could have at least poured a cauldron of scalding hot of water on them, or shot fiery arrows at them, or poured boiling hot oil... that they lit on fire... on their heads, or...

Cali (mumbling back to Calvin's mumblings): Maybe they should keep a store of rum on board. Don't pirates get distracted by rum? I've read that if you give your captors wine, I mean rum, they will get drunk and fall asleep, then sleep through your escape.

Jane (mumbling back to Calvin & Cali): Or, or, or, or (trying to squeeze her idea in between all the good ones Calvin and Cali were coming up with) they should throw pepper in the pirates' faces, then they'll start sneezing, then the sailors can throw them overboard.

Jane’s comment was the conversation stopper. We all know you should never underestimate the power of a sneeze.