Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Ode to Stretchy Pants

I just realized I wore my pants backwards ALL day today; from 7:30am to 11:00pm. Ray wants to know if this can be attributed to the awesome stretchyness of the pants or the lack of butt on my body (Levin stole my butt when he was in utero and has yet to give it back). I had piano lessons in those pants today and ran errands in them. I feel like I had pepper in my theeth and no one told me. Oh wait, I did that today too, except ray told me at 6:30pm so at least it wasn't all day.

Good grief. I'm switching to house coats. They have buttons so there's no way I can wear them backwards all day and not notice.

No pictures... Still computerless. But, not for long. I think I found a new one. I just need to haggle them down in price. I'm learning that EVERY price is negotiable.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Dear Mom,

I was working on a blog post for you with lots of Levin pictures. But I think it wasn't meant to be, because my lap top crashed right in the middle of it. I'm not too sad about it because he was 7 years old which is like 109 in human years. He had a good life and the only thing he is taking with him to his grave is a few recipes. I'd backed everything else up a few months ago when I sensed he had theoretically broken his geriatric hip... at his age I know what a broken hip means.

Just know I've got some great blogs in the pipes and tomorrow's "to do" just got "figure out computer replacement" added to it.

RIP Mr. Gateway and feel proud; you outlasted your maker.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Balm of Gilead

Levin was born at 1:40pm.  Upon making his entrance and laying on my chest, I immediately noticed a smile with a dimple.  I thought, "Hmmmmm, where did that come from?  Ray and I don't have dimples."  As he lay there, I waited.  I waited some more.  I started to panic because it wasn't there.  I didn't feel overwhelmed with motherly love towards him.  I loved him, but I had a hard time feeling like he was mine.  He just felt like someone's sweet baby, but not my baby.  I even caught myself still rubbing my belly and talking to it after he was born... forgetting I didn't have a baby in there anymore.  I guess I was just expecting having a baby would feel a little differently.

Within a day or two, the feeling started to simmer up to the surface.  I started feeling it.  I noticed that performing acts of service for him was what made the feeling magnify.  Feeding him even though it hurt, changing his diapers and bathing him, all of these made me feel a growing connection to him.  Waking up in the middle of the night to care for him, that made it REALLY grow.

Today, as I held Levin, I thought about my first few hours with him and felt really glad that he doesn't feel like someone else's baby anymore.  He is Ray's and mine.  I also thought about how healing it is to hold a baby.  Not that I was wounded or needed healing, it just feels like all in the world is right when you hold a baby.

After holding him and thinking all these sentimental thoughts, I made him lay on the floor and spend his 30 minutes on his stomach.  He only likes that for about the first 5 minutes, then he starts whining and eventually crying wanting to be turned over.  I obviously got these pictures in the first 5 minutes and I obviously had a hard time picking my favorite.

And his gut spilleth over

Wasting what I worked so hard to make and give to him

Pay Day

Thursday, September 8, 2011


It was time to feed Venus the fly trap.  It was a bona fide rodeo in that bathroom this afternoon.

It involved me:
~locking a fly in the bathroom
~chasing the fly around the bathroom for about 8 minutes (I don't exaggerate... this fly was not prepared to meet it's maker)
~never actually hitting the fly but at least stunning it with the hurricane-strength wind my flyswatter generated
~picking the fly up with a pair of tweezers so I can actually get it in the mouth of the Venus Fly Trap
~fly escaping because Venus didn't close her jaws fast enough
~realizing Venus would never survive in the wild with such slow reflexes and recognizing an inbred fly trap when I see one
~catching the fly again, but when attempting to pull its wings off so it can't escape, pulled it apart into two pieces
~getting to feed two fly traps for the sweat of one

The wild, wild west is still alive and well.