Monday, January 21, 2008

DON'T WORRY! There is a plan

This blog goes out to you: my 5 loyal readers (or atleast loyal enough to comment) and my 2 closet readers (Dad and Abe, I know you're lurking). I just want all 7 of you to know there is a plan for how often I'll write. Know this about me, I ALWAYS have a plan. Since I work three days a week and only get off in time to fall asleep, wake up, and get back to work again... I'll only be writing four days a week. I like to think I'm giving you three days to build up anticipation.

Along with ALWAYS having a plan, I'd like to share the other three shining qualities I possess. These are the talents I think about in church when they remind us we ALL have some sort of talents or gifts. I just remember these little pearls I possess. It also eases the guilt of quiting the piano, being forced to sing the melody to every song one octave lower than intended (dangerously close to a base), and only having one play to my portfolio (8th Grade English Class and everyone got a part). Here they are and in no particular order.

1. I am an excellent laundress. In Hawaii, all my neighbors came to me for laundry questions, and while living there I only lost 3 articles to rust. That, believe it or not, is a miracle. My one weakness is that I love Clorox. That has caused a few accidents. That’s all, but I’m pretty proud of this gift. I’m not sure how long I’ll have this talent though, because a long time ago when I shared my secret talent with my mom, she said, “Everyone is a great laundress until they have families and have to do laundry for 6 instead of 1.” Luckily, I didn’t let her pessimism ruin my self-esteem.

2. I am very good at cutting bread straight. This picture is an optical illusion, but I swear if you saw this adequately you would see it is perfectly straight. This does cause a few problems though, because some people aren’t as talented. I am then forced to straighten out theirs before I can cut mine.

3. I keep a clean and organized bathroom. Not really a talent, but it makes me feel good about myself.


Neighbor Jane Payne said...

What? I damaged your psyche? I can't imagine. I recall my words, you will be an excellent laundress no matter how big or numerous your loads are.

These are three incredible talents to have to your name because everyone needs someone who can see/cut straight, especially in your profession and truly, is there anything lovelier than a clean bathroom?

I love your posts.

HeatherM said...

Cali - I am quite enjoying your blog already! I'm sure, since you have a plan, you will make sure to post on your four regular posting days, and not stack them up with different dates, all posted on the same day, which your mother tends to do every now and then!

I was never, ever a great laundress--I have actually become better with the kids (your stain-removing skills will greatly improve) - so think nothing of your mom's quip - you'll do fine!

So glad my Neighbor Jane sent me to your blog - I just love it!

cactuscal69 said...

oh dear cali.........i can't believe i'm posting a comment on a blog.......especially when you poke so much fun at me........i think you're dad

melanie said...

Cali, we're kindred spirits! I always pride myself on getting out laundry stains and keeping it look good. No baby spit up, grass stains, mustard and ketchup (see my post about Nathan on that one) or other unmentionables with little boys around gets me down. I never before thought of it as a talent. Thanks to you I'll do better in those lessons about talents.

I love when people cut the bread uneven (Milo always does). That way when I cut my even piece, I get two.

Rachel said...

Dear Cali,
Am I retyping this twice?? I can't tell. Anyway, I just wanted to let you know that Cache will someday be very jealous of a lucky man married to such a laundress. Cache only dreams to be so lucky someday. You not only will make his life so much more enjoyable but you will considerably cut down on his nosebleeds from sniffing out the laundry so much.
Guess what. Body Worlds three is coming next month and will be in the area when you visit!!
Love, Aunt RAchel

Donna Chapin said...


You probably should include me in your list of lurkers. I only found your blog today, and so glad I did it makes me feel like we are connected.