Tuesday, February 5, 2008

24 Things (Vol. 1)

Dear Ty & Ande & Abe

Continuing tradition… here are 24 (because I’m 24 years old) things I’ve learned this year:

1. Harry Potter destroyed Voldemort. After 10 years of reading them, I think the biggest thing learned this year is that I have amazing resolve when it comes to delaying gratification. As you know, I’m the slow reader of the family. Soooo, I ALWAYS get the book last. It’s hard to argue when the logic is, “You can read it after me, because it will only take me a day and it will take you a week… or two.” So, once again I got the Harry Potter book last. However, I not only STARTED reading it a month after it came out, but I FINISHED reading it TWO months after it came out.* I delayed my gratification by only reading a chapter a night. Each day was amazing because all day long I would scheme about what would happen. By the end of the day, when I was ready to read my next chapter, my imagination had usually killed Harry Potter at least 4 times, revived him 3, and Voldemort conquered 50% of the time. After chapter 13 I was POSITIVE for a day that Ron (not Harry) would end up saving the world. Thing learned, I have mastered self gratification.

2. I really want to visit Taiwan’s Taroko Gorge. According to National Geographic Travel, the gorge was formed when tectonic plates ground against each other and the resulting ruble surfaced to form Taiwan’s Central Mountains. The Liwu River has cut out the Taroko Gorge. The gorge has a road that goes through it. This road has 38 tunnels and a bunch of bridges. It was too hard to bring machinery into this gorge, so a lot of the road was hand-built. Supposedly the river is a deep aquamarine color, a mixture of mountain water and the minerals. If you get the opportunity to hike through there while you live there, please don’t get your fill. Because, I really want to go there with you. Thing learned, we have another To Do on our list.

3. Pike Place Market has a gum wall. It is just a wall that is covered with everyone’s gum. I think the wall started because it was outside a theater and people standing in line for tickets would just put their gum on it. I'm not sure though, maybe I just made that up. Now, it is an actual destination and even in guide books. For all the times I’ve been to Pike’s Place Market (3), I’ve never seen it. However, I remember the unofficial gum wall at Lagoon. It was on the lava rock wall of the Haunted House. I didn’t ever put my gum on it, but I did lean on it once and my B.U.M. equipment shirt got pink gum on the… wait for it… bum. Thing learned, Lagoon and Pike’s Market have some freakish similarities.

4. They still give out J-walking tickets in Seattle. The tickets aren’t just slaps on the hand either. I like the cops in Washington DC better. I don’t think they even know they can punish you for traffic violations. I’m pretty sure they only stop you if you’re waving a gun. I say this because when I was there in November, Golden cut one of those DC cops off and another time he ran a yellow/red light right in front of one. Were there repercussions? Nope! Thing learned, the police no longer slap you on the wrist.

This concludes Volume 1. You can anxiously await volumes 2-6.

Love, Cali


Neighbor Jane Payne said...

I can't wait to read the rest of these! I still can't believe that you could delay gratification like you did when you read Harry Potter. You are a wonder. I could have (and would have) justified to read it in gluttony fashion.

melanie said...

Ditto your mom's comment. I totally indulged, gluttony style on Harry Potter. In fact, I'm sure I neglected the kids while I finished the last 10 chapters!

I have seen that gum wall!! We went to that theater (Who's Line Is It Anyway style comedy show, so funny!). I was so sicked out standing there but then you got sucked in and started looking at all this weird, gross gum. Some of it had a date by it, there was some seriously OLD gum. I recommend going to the show, and of course seeing the gum.

Anonymous said...

I got tired of Harry Potter after book four. I think the later books were written for adult audiences (which could be why I quit...). Anyway, Cali, I love your blog. This is the most creative thing I've read in a very long time-- so fresh. I'll be a regular reader.