Thursday, February 21, 2008

24 Things (Vol. 3)

Ande & Abe & Ty,

Sorry for the long break. I just got so overwhelmed with all the things I’ve learned… but couldn’t remember. Don’t worry, I remember them again. These four things are things I saw this year and will probably never see again.

(here he is in his more dignified state)

9. Remember how on Planet Earth they caught on tape the snow leopard chasing down that goat or where they recorded the HUGE great white shark jumping out of the water. Remember how those shots were firsts, never captured before? Well, I like to think that if I could find that picture I took of our owl taking a shower, it would have been rated up there with the before mentioned epic shots. Just picture our great horned owl trying to run in a circle so he can stay under the spray of the sprinkler. I say trying to run, because turns out owls don’t have much leg to speak of. They basically have talons sprouting out of body. So, he’s running around like a sumo wrestler in a giant circle, trying to stay caught up with his rotating shower head. Thing learned, apparently owl’s DO take showers.

10. This year I peeled an orange and as I busted it open, I found a surprise. There was orange peel growing in the very core of the orange. It was all by itself. Just a little piece of peel in the middle of a seemingly normal orange. When I told mom about it, she said, “Uhhh, it probably ate its twin.” After she said that all I could think of was Big Fat Greek Wedding and now I’m blaming it on the hormonies (hôr'mōnēs). The best part about finding it was that it was in the perfect shape of a heart. Thing learned, I guess the orange just wanted a heart too.

11. This one didn’t happen this year, but I forgot about it until this year. So here’s to remembering a forgotten memory. My first semester in Hawaii, our backyard was Hukilau beach. I was sitting in the backyard on our bench watching the waves crash one night. There wasn’t a moon that night and it was pitch black. My roommate Michelle came out to sit with me and right after she sat down, there was a huge falling star. It kept falling and falling and falling until splash. It landed in the water right in front of us. Thing learned, sometimes a falling star actually lands.

12. As I was driving to work, I saw a soaking-wet dog running like crazy back and forth across the street. I thought he had hydrophobia (just like Old Yeller), but then I looked up and saw what he was running from. There was a dog parlor and running out the door was a dog groomer wearing a rubber apron and gloves. Ha ha ha ha ha ha. The dog escaped from the dog parlor and although he was scared, he was FREEEEEEE! I laughed the rest of the way to work. Ha ha ha ha ha. That is still pretty funny. Nope, probably never going to see that one again. Thing learned, when you drop your dog off for a hair cut, he may or may not be there when you get back.

Maybe as repentance for the long pause, you'll get Vol. 4 later tonight. Maybe.

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Neighbor Jane Payne said...

Oh Cali, do you have ANY IDEA how fascinating a child you have been to raise? You have always pointed out things that totally escape me. I love reading about the things you've learned....

uh, hum, how about I fix supper tonight so that you can post another four?

P.S. I didn't say dishes!