Monday, February 4, 2008

You Finally Came

When we moved to Moses Lake 9.5 years ago, I was sure ALL my snow fantasies were finally going to be fulfilled. We would have four feet of snow from November to March and school would be closed from Christmas to Martin Luther King Jr Day for "blizzards, bad weather and avalanches."

I just assumed that because we were near Alaska and practically part of Canada, we would finally start having REAL winters. The first winter we lived here, 1/8 of an inch of snow, which melted the same day it fell. I kept optimistic for a few more years, convincing myself it was probably El Nino (put a squigly above that n), or a draught, or plain old rotten luck. Finally I just resorted to the fact that Moses Lake may be at 47° latitude, but it wasn't going to get any snow for it. Then Winter 2007-2008 came, and here is the picture that shows her in all her snow glory... all 4 inches (which translates to 57 feet in normal snow measuring standards).

Moses Lake, I forgive you for letting me down the other nine years. I forgive you for giving me FREEZING northern winds (straight from the Arctic) without even a skiff of snow. I forgive you for only ONE snow day during my whole high school career (in which there wasn't even snow... just too much black ice). HOWEVER, now that I have seen your potential, you are being held to a higher standard. Do Not Disappoint!


Neighbor Jane Payne said...

I learn something new every time I read your blog. I had no idea that was our latitude. None. You are so varied in your interests, hence you are so interesting!

melanie said...

I remember winter like this when I was little. You know snow so deep the moon boots would get stuck and I'd get wet feet. I moved away and have been back almost 13 years. This is only the second year that mirrors my childhood winters. Unless my memory is all skewed and I already have that uphill both ways mentality. Because I really swear there was more when I was younger.