Thursday, April 3, 2008


Only twice in a whole month? I swear I have better morals and ambitions than that. As proof, if you look back on my “To Do” list for each day in the month of March, you’ll see an unmarred “Blog.” Hopes were high. Here are the items that did get scratched off:

  • Make major life decisions that involve where you’re going and what you’re doing, or at least think REAL hard about them. (Check)
  • Gas up car. (Check x 11)
  • Find Birthday present for Abe that will remind him of why the space bar on old computer was stuck. (Check)
  • Run. No excuse unless it’s crop-dusting day. (Check)
  • Watch the movie Van Helsing, resulting in lost voice and sore neck. I too dodged every punch/spike/arrow. (Check)
  • MAKE a singing telegram birthday card that looks VERY homemade. (Check)
  • Do Taxes. (1/2 Check)
  • Mosiah 19 to Alma 60. (Check)
  • Make a blog out of not blogging. (Check)

Climbing back up on that wagon.


Neighbor Jane Payne said...

And why WAS our space bar stuck?

You have the finest little hands.

Darla said...


I so know you are busy.. but I love & miss your blog. You crack me up so much!!

Hope you find time to blog again.. Hey I know.. just leave us little notes like you do your mom :)

Have a good one

abe said...

well, you did get a lot done. however, i wish you put more time on your blog so that i had something new to read.

HeatherM said...

I think gift-giving stories are my favorite ones from your family - you guys are so good at it! "Find Abe a birthday present that reminds him of why the spacebar stuck"? That's fabulous! Those are the kinds of gifts people really remember. Beats my last-resort Wal-Mart gift card any day of the week, and twice on Sunday ;-) Keep blogging, girl, I love reading it!