Monday, April 28, 2008

I Made This Joke Up

(Ashli with her hand on our neighbor boy's back)

I have to fight the urge to start all posts out like Randy Jackson.

“So listen up, dogg. Here’s the thing.”

Ashli, after I read your pun laced blog entitled “Rook On, Chess Gang,” I remembered that you’re the pun master. I also remembered that puns are infectious. Once you start thinking about them, you can’t stop thinking about them. Pretty soon you’re using all willpower to prevent yourself from verbalizing them, and should one slip out, you’re trying not to snort at your own cleverness.

Well, unfortunately, for the past two weeks I’ve been thinking up puns like crazy. A few slipped out. I kept most in. One of them I even formatted as a joke. Here it is… my brainchild.

Q: Where does a lion go to add or drop a class?


My mom thought it was funny. My dad didn’t get it.


Neighbor Jane Payne said...

Cali, you just need to practice on your dad more, he mercifully missed the knock-knock phase.

Your joke is funny, but the funniest thing is hearing you tell it. (Internets, you are missing something not hearing her tell it and then laugh and laugh and laugh at it.)

Susan said...

I often crack myself! It is the sign of a good sense of humor that anything can make you laugh. Terry finds this more funny than the joke that cracked me up in the first place!

Laurie Bingham said...

Oh Cal! I miss you so so much! I thought your joke was funny, and Ashli would like it even more. Did you get my message? What do you think? Does a trip down to Utah sound good to you?

P.S. Remember Nate Payne and his one roomate? I saw his roomate had the gas pump in Logan Utah. We made really awkward eye contact. i couldn't place him for like 10 minutes.

Laurie Bingham said...

Oh Cal,
You know I need you more than ever! When are you going to come down? It has been quite cold here, though. It hasn't decided that it wants to be summer. You should call me. We have a landline because our cell phones don't work in our house: 435-946-2169.

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