Wednesday, July 2, 2008


I've been thinking it was time I started taking the glass-half-empty-half-full perception seriously. So, I did some soul searching. Unfortunately I came to the conclusion I was a borderliner who leaned to the half-empty side. That initiated another round of soul searching... nobody likes a pessimist.

However things are looking up, because last week I had a break through. I walked outside the back door of the hospital after a looooonnnng day of work (if you really want to know how long it was, then add a few more o's and n's) and was thinking to myself, "Hmmmm, that day really sucked." As I rounded the corner I saw two kittens walking on the sidewalk and in the grass, except they weren't kittens. And here's where the break through came. Upon seeing them, I thought, "Ha ha ha ha. Are you kidding me? I cannot think of a better way to end this day. I've never seen a skunk so small it looked like a tiny kitten. I've never had to fight the urge to pet one. I love you sweet, sweet irony."

So the moral of the story is soul searching really does work and I'm now in the glass-half-full club.

Please be assured I didn't use zoom to take these pictures. That's right, I was so at-one with nature that even nature didn't notice me. In case those two teasers above didn't satisfy your thirst, here are a few more pictures. I'm now contemplating making a super mushy pet e-mail out of these pictures for all of you to forward. Each picture in this e-mail is going to have a caption with something very profound like, "No Stank You." So what do you think? If I make it, will you send it?


Neighbor Jane Payne said...

Oh, Cali, you do make me laugh. I promise I will forward any pet e-mail you create to ten friends within ten minutes so that I don't break the chain.

And for the record, I'm glad you're in the optimistic club. Do you remember the time you told me, "I don't trust you 'cuz you only see the good side and I don't trust me 'cuz I only see the bad side . . . we need someone else to decide this one"? We will no longer need an arbitrator on some subjects.

I thought your line of being so at-one with nature that nature didn't even notice you was a classic. Actually, you're a classic.

I love you.

Anonymous said...

Oh my heck!!
Your mom emailed me your link, and I have been sitting here on the couch reading it from the beginning and trying not to inundate the couch with that "amber clear fluid" found in a foley bag. Maybe I should invest in a leg bag to read your blog. I tried to read the fishing post ot Paul but he couldn't understand me because I was laughing so hard!! Holy Hannah, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE post more often!!

HeatherM said...

This is funny. I have always seen your optimistic side, so I guess I'm blessed to have been exposed to the good 49% (or so) of you.

I will so forward that e-mail, but only if you put at the bottom: If you send this to 1-4 people, you are a good friend; if you send this to 5-9 people, you are a real people person; if you send this to 10 or more people, your life will be blessed beyond measure!!!

abe said...

i saw a skunk when i was at fort drum...i threw rocks at it to try and get it to rear up (without spraying) just ran faster. so i finished my workout

abe said...
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Laurie Bingham said...

Oh Cali, I wish it would have ended with you being sprayed...wouldn't that just be classic?! (Maybe only in Hawaii?)Alta stuck her nose in a skunk hole and got sprayed once. Don't you want to come by for a visit? Do call soon

Anonymous said...

I have the biggest crush on you.

melanie said...

You are cracking me up! A baby skunk would have me running. I'm impressed with your bravery for the sake of photos. Of course I'd send on a pet email. I might even pass it on to my whole address book! Love your blog.