Thursday, November 13, 2008


Some-times, as in pretty close to all-the-times, I am embarrassed of my interests. Dilemma: Interested in something popular, they’ll think I’m a copy-cat; interested in something not popular, look like weirdo/dork. I don’t want to be a dork. I’ve let a few of my not-populars slip out, namely the infatuation with the insect documentary.

Well, here’s to becoming more comfortable with me. Not only do I love the bug documentary… I love the mammal, bird and reptile documentaries made by the same organization as well. I’ve been watching the mammal one. Here were the two funniest parts I just saw. I even re-watched them because they made me giggle… all three times.

  1. They show footage of an elephant walking in a pitch black cave. Suddenly you hear a loud THUMP and sure enough, the elephant walked right into the wall. (Note: Just start laughing. Even if you don’t think it’s funny. Once you start laughing you’ll start to see how funny that is, an elephant walking into a wall and bumping his head)

    1. Here is the dialogue the narrator (David Attenborough) gives for the Giant Anteater of Brazil:
      Ants and termites aren’t very nutritious. So the giant anteater has to do all it can to conserve energy. One way of doing that is to sleep 15 out of 24 hours. It [also] covers itself with that big bushy tail, reducing heat loss to a minimum. It keeps its body at as low of a temperature as any animal, 32° C (89.6° F). That means of course, that its brain doesn’t work very fast. So it isn’t an animal with lightning reactions or a dazzling intelligence. But then you don’t really need that if you’re an anteater, do you?
      No David Attenborough, I guess you really don’t.
    (Note: The anteater kept falling over as it was walking. I think that’s when you admit you need to turn the body heat up. There’s a lesson in there for all you Jimmy Carterites who still believe that 68° is all the warmer your homes should be. 72° is not a sin.)


    Neighbor Jane Payne said...

    I love your interests...all of them. I'm very glad blogging is one of them. You're better than ANY Bathroom Reader book for interesting trivia.

    I remember well when Jimmy Carter told us to turn down our thermostats and put sweaters on. It was about the same time that his son decided to live off of food stamps for a month (while he lived in the White House with his folks) to see how nutritiously they could eat. I distinctly remember spinach and peanut butter sandwiches as one meal on their menu.

    Nicole said...

    I love reading your blog! I can totally relate to having unpopular interests. I often find myself watching the most random shows on tv. I try to blame it on the fact that I get off of work so late at night there isn't anything else on. But, I don't think that is the truth.

    tina said...

    i did laugh. that was funny. your added commentary makes it even more commical. thanks for sharing, even if you think your interests aren't popular; you make them interesting!

    toddash said...

    that was fascinating! i was just admitting to todd that i love animal shows. i never get bored with them. especially baby animal ones.

    i think that we should come visit you in seattle! it looks awesome!

    you are a great human.