Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Good Morning

Good Morning Seattle

You've made running fun again. I think it's because you've given me something new to see. I can easily block out the pain of sucking-air lungs and double-timing heart when I have something worth while to stare at. Although the following tribute is only a tenth of what you've presented for me to observe, it's the tenth I was able to catch on camera.

My neighbor's house. I saw my neighbor and his son sitting on the porch the other night. They were both smoking their pipes. I think they were discussing politics and would later end their evening with a nightcap of something strong.

My neighbor... I think
I thought he lived 1 block over and 2 houses up, but then I saw him the next day 3 blocks over. Both times he was raking leaves. I've seen him about 4 times since then, always raking leaves. I think it’s sweet. It reminds me of the elderly in Japan, or at least the North countryside of Japan. When I was visiting over there, I was asking Satoshi’s grandparents where they were going for the day. They said it was their day to weed the roadside. Sure enough, I saw them later that day out on the road pulling out weeds, so the grass could grow. There were about 50 other elderly Japanese out there with them. I asked Satoshi why they were doing it. He said that since they no longer contribute to the community with taxes, this is their contribution. That was humbling to contemplate. Unfortunately I think this man is still paying taxes. The saddest part about this picture is the fact that only 1/4th of the leaves are on the ground. The other 3/4th is waiting for him to finish, then they’ll have their way with that street.

Another neighbor's tree. It looks like it's been there for 200 years; maybe because it has moss growing all over, maybe because it is HUGE. I say it's a shame it doesn't have a treehouse in it. Have you ever seen a tree more suited for a TREE-house? Instead the squirrels have it. There's a squirrel nest in that crook.

The city surveyors truck. While they were out surveying a street, I took a picture of the little, dirty leprechaun/elf/troll/Santa they had perched in the back. I guess it was someones toy that got left in the street. I now know where my doll that has been missing since I was 3 went. It's okay mom, you don't have to blame it on the dog anymore.

All the crazy mushrooms that grow. Both of these clusters grew in less than a week. One day there was nothing and the next there was this.

A house up the road that is for sale. It is beautiful.

My only neighbor with a McCain/Palin sign. I admired them for posting it in a neighborhood where ALL but 8 houses had an Obama/Biden sign. I almost left this out because I think we've all been electioned-out. It is kind of humorous though.

The house across the street and the storm rolling in above it. Those clouds carried hail. Hail that slapped me around for 5 minutes. The worst part about the hail was watching all the people stare at me in pity from their windows. I think they were reflecting, "drowned rat, what did she think those clouds were carrying."

My neighbor's yard before Halloween. The best part about this is that the house through this gate and up theses steps really looks haunted. It has a jungle for a yard (the norm), wrought iron, and gables with stained glass windows. It's beautiful. Beautifully spooky.

Another house down the street. The house itself looks like the French Quarters in New Orleans. I liked their "drain ditch" stream. It was beautiful, like the rest of their yard. I think I'm just in awe that this is what people's yards look like in November... still green.

I like this house on the next street over for a couple of reasons. I love their porch, but I LOVE their veranda. It has grapes growing over it and the grape clusters drop down and hang like chandeliers.

And best for last. Shel Silverstein, I finally found where the sidewalk ends. And just in case you're wondering Shel, I kept right on running.


Neighbor Jane Payne said...

Oh my goodness....MORE, MORE! I love seeing Seattle through your eyes. You have many more things to see than beetles, mass stink bug movements...and all the colors perfectly matching.

I'm so glad you're posting again.

shelly said...

Cali you may run out of time to post but you will never run out of wonderful things to write about. I love your posts.

HeatherM said...

I love, love, LOVE this post! I've never had much to like about Seattle besides the Market, the Waterfront, and the shopping. You are capturing the everyday Seattle, and it's fun. Chance and Colton would be on that treehouse tree in an instant.

Carolyn said...

I always wondered where the sidewalk ended! Thanks for letting me know. I feel so...so....good for knowing that.

hennchix said...

Hallelujah!!! Cali's back to blog world!! Super post! I'm with Heatherm- Seattle would not be on my list of top 100 places to hang out. You brought a sense of family to that urban jungle.

Darla said...

Thanks for sharing... Don't get to
Seattle much but thru your eyes it's much more beautiful than the crazy people on the freeways, and the masses of people...

I'm glad you are posting again .. you were so missed

Laurie Bingham said...

awe some. it looks like you did find a halloween treat after all. or trick. i always forget who is what.

i am just dying for an excuse to make it up there to visit....

p.s. thanks for finally talking to me and paying for the 78 minute conversation!

Supercords said...

What an absolutely gorgeous neighborhood. I'd buy that house for sale right now if I had a well paying job to go along with it.

abe said...

remember when we wanted to build treehouses and SOMEONE wouldn't let us?

Neighbor Jane Payne said...

Wasn't me.

camery said...

You probably don't even remember who I am, but I HAD to comment on this one. I'm pretty sure you live in my old neighborhood and I am beyond jealous. Enjoy every single day for me! I miss it sooo much. Thank you for sharing your neighborhood with me!