Friday, February 20, 2009

Are Manatees Still Endangered?

In elementary school I remember being introduced monthly to a new endangered animal. Since 6th grade graduation, no one's been keeping me up to date.

How are manatees doing? I remember being shown a series of pictures in Ranger Rick that depicted manatees with gashes and scars all over their body. The caption under the pictures suggested that Florida boaters were cutting the gentle sea cows up with their props.

How are eagles doing? I see a lot of them in Ellensburg, WA whenever I drive through, but weren't they endangered? Maybe I'm just thinking of how it's illegal to kill them because they're our national bird. I also remember hearing horror stories of what happened to little kids that picked eagle feathers up off the ground and kept them in their bedrooms. Hint: the word juvy was dropped.

How are killer whales doing? I remember there was a number you could call (shown after Free Willy) where you could donate money and you would get a Keiko Killer Whale necklace and help free other droopy fin whales.

How are woodpeckers doing? I thought they sounded so exotic, until we moved to Washington. My parents still have 5 of them living in their yard and the word woodpecker is always preceded with #%$*.

I know the Hawaiian Monk Seal is still on the list, because one of my friends in Hawaii had monthly court appointments he had to keep as they decided whether he would serve time for surfing near a Monk Seal protected island.

I guess "they" have decided kids can worry about endangered animals and adults can worry about global warming. Ray and I are loving global warming. Seattle has been all sun this Winter... well, comparatively.

(not Binny, but uncanny resemblance)

Note from the editor: This topic was planted in the author's mind when she accidently killed her husband's beta fish. The same beta fish that adorned their wedding reception table. The same beta fish that kept said husband company on the long, cold nights while author was slaving over very sick people. The author thought a fish should be able to survive in an unheated apartment while author and husband were gone for the weekend. She thought wrong.


Neighbor Jane Payne said...

I love your posts...they make me think and laugh.

I can't believe Binny died. He stayed alive on bacon bits and toast crumbs for three weeks and then says that a chill is too much. I'd have never guessed.

HeatherM said...

I like this post. It ties in with a conversation my friends and I were having about letting our children read certain books before they reached an age of "discernment".

I now think the endangered species talks may apply as well. In elementary school, you are a prime target for cuddly feelings about animals in danger. By high school, you may "discern" that the taste of the meat or thrill of the hunt (or surf) makes you feel better than the cuddly feelings ever did.

Darla said...

Cali... I love it.... Who would have thunk a fish couldn't survive without heat *lol*... The many lessons you've already learned in such a short month *lol*

Levi said...

If you want a replacement wedding beta fish, you can have ours; but it will cost you. We named it Rali (Ray-Cali with outh the y-ca).

Nicole said...

I can watch Free Willy and get that phone number for you if you would like. Yes, I own it...Actually, I own all three. It was very impressionable on me.

Rebecca said...

I saw a reading rainbow about Mantinaes a few weeks ago! (yes, that TV show is not endagered of going off air YET!). I didn't know their closest relative is the elephant! Fun post Cali, thanks for letting the 'Neighnors' in!