Tuesday, March 3, 2009


Ray's head is shaved... or actually buzzed without any attachments on the clippers... so basically shaved. We're now "discussing" his next BIG body image adjustment. Currently its the Idaho Falls Airport mustache that's sweeping out all competing options. There's a good chance he'll lose credibility at work if he attempts it. Good thing is, even if he loses his job he'll still have one awesome MANstache.

(I outlined it so you could see how incredible it really was)

We were both very impressed with this man's ability to grow such a complete mustache. I saw the covet in Ray's eyes. I heard somewhere that Sea Otter's have the most hair per square inch of any other mammal; not sure that's the case.

The sweetest thing about all this shorn head business is that Ray did it for his sister Melanie, who was diagnosed with lymphoma a few weeks ago. When she got tired of her hair falling out slowly, she decided to try the clippers without the attachment. Ray and his three brothers followed her lead within a day or two. Melanie told me, "I used to hate when Ray would ask me to buzz his head when we were in college together. He was so tall and skinny back then, he looked like an Ethiopian; like what he really needed was a hug and some food. I gave him both."


Neighbor Jane Payne said...

Cali, I think it is the greatest thing that Ray, John, Alan and Rob shaved their heads with/for Melanie.

This post is so you:

1-observing that man close enough to take a picture. You and your dad are the most ardent people watchers I know. So ardently doing it sometimes that I have to nudge you and tell you to close your mouths while you stare.

2-the sea otter tidbit.

I love to read what you think.

Again, my thoughts are with Melanie and think it's great Ray shows his love and support with all his head.

Jerkolas said...

I think Ray should totally grow a MANstache. It would be perfect for "Mustache March" which I will be joining shortly.

Laurie Bingham said...

All I can say is remember Triple Threat?

Ande Payne said...

You do have an awesome husband and brothers in law. That is so sweet, and I'm glad Melanie has someone to support her like that.

Also I agree with Mom. You are the best/worst people watcher I know.