Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happiness is...

... enjoying another's generosity.


(more chaos)

One of the most humbling experiences of my life was coming back from my honeymoon and seeing a room filled with gifts; seeing love and generosity in a tangible form. It made me cry because I didn’t know how to adequately thank everyone for being so kind (and because I’d recently started birth-control and I was on an Estrogen/Progesterone tidal wave… TMI? Sorry).

Ray and I were nervous about people giving us wedding gifts. We didn’t register for that very reason. Our thoughts were, “we’re older, we both have careers, we know our way around Target and Walmart.” True, neither one of us owned a single kitchen utensil… not even a cereal spoon.

When we were planning our reception, our main goal was to give our communities a “Thank You” party. Thank you for caring about us. Thank you for supporting us. Thank you for being an influential part of our lives.

However, I had no idea a gift could strengthen a bond. As I pull out our new cookie sheet, I think of ____. When I use the cheese grater I wonder how ____’s garden is doing this year. When I put my apron on I’m reminded of ____’s advice. And, I’m only seeing this process get perpetually more touching, because I know my mom has things in her kitchen from her wedding reception that still remind her of people from life past.

Happiness is (more accurately) having a daily reminder of another’s love.

(chaos getting organized)


Neighbor Jane Payne said...

Oh wow. I love this Happiness is . . . post. Wedding gifts are very humbling, I think, too. People taking time and money out of their lives to make the beginning of your life better. What a good thing to document.

HeatherM said...

I'm having such a hard time getting rid of some wedding stuff - stuff that NEEDS getting rid of - because I can remember who gave it to me. And, more important than it's delapitated state is the love with which it was given. Mismatched kitchen or not, I'm keeping that stuff around. Good post!