Friday, May 1, 2009

Happiness is...

... having company.

Dear Rob,

I'm not sure you know how excited we are for you to come visit us. Here are 5 points to prove that your arrival is being eagerly anticipated:
  1. I opened a box of Froot Loops yesterday, and right on top there was the prize. I didn't even know they still did prizes in cereal boxes. My first thought was, "Yea! I'll give this to Rob as his 'Welcome' gift." I'm having a hard time not opening it though; the prize looks really cool!

  2. For the past week, I've been contemplating on how best to feed you. I asked Ray what kind of food you'd like. He looked up from writing work e-mails with a confused look on his face and said, "Cali, we have cupboards. He likes to eat whatever is in the cupboards." He then went back to e-mailing and without looking up said, "Besides there is still a whole bag of frozen burritos in the freezer." He was serious Rob. I started laughing and thought, "Only a boy would feed a visiting human the burritos that looked freezer burnt last Fall and now look like a bag of ice crystals in 'Beef Burrito' packaging." Ray also assured me that you like Snack Ramen.
    Rob, you're more than welcome to the food remnants of Ray's bachelorhood. However, take courage. I've got some Plan B's.

  3. I've organized and stacked all the wedding gifts that used to claim the entire guest room. There's now a VERY visible bed, with a nightstand, and a dresser. Only the back wall is hidden by giant Tupperwares stacked from floor to ceiling. The guest room is actually really nice, because Ray and I have made it into a cave. It's cool and quiet, and we blocked the one window with Tupperwares so that it's pitch black (day or night).

  4. I made chocolate chip cookies and they're waiting patiently for you in the cookie jar. I also bought an extra gallon of milk (not because it was cheaper if I bought 2... that was just a perk) in anticipation of the cookies wanting a milk bath.

  5. Last-but-not-least, Ray and I have been planning things to do while you are here. We won't make you go to Pike's Place Market again. You can eat at Ivar's only if you want to. However, we are forcing you to attend a Mariner's game because in case you haven't heard... we've got Ken Griffey back.

We hope you're ready for all this excitement.


Neighbor Jane Payne said...

Oh man, if Rob bails can I come be your company? When your dad and I came to see you last month, we so enjoyed yours and Ray's hospitality--meats, cheeses, crackers, flowers on the table, events planned. You guys are great hosts.

I loved this description of the burritos: "they now look like a bag of ice crystals in 'Beef Burrito' packaging."

I'm gonna love this happiness is month. It's a happy way to see life.

Ryan and Haley Krumblis said...

CALI! I want to visit! I am all alone! You both need to visit when Ryan gets home too! I attempt to match my guest towels and I may not bake cookies, but I will remove them from the packaging and place them in my cookie jar to fool you! I love you and miss you! Can't wait to see you!

Julie said...

Don't you just love getting ready for company? It's one of my favorite things too. You will be a great hostess!

HeatherM said...

You are, truly, the hostess with the mostest. You must take after that talented mom of yours . . .