Sunday, May 3, 2009

Happiness is...

… not needing words to explain (but giving them anyway).

(pronounced "lī-lək" or "LIE-LUCK")
Trust me.

I could have just put the picture and everyone would have known what happiness is.


Since I was born in May, I used to be sure they were “created” for me. I always promised myself I’d get married in May so that I could have them at my wedding. Some good things don’t wait.

I’ve been ______ (more than bummed, but not quite despondent) that this year I would be missing the 70 feet of lilac bushes, lining my parent’s yard, in full bloom. I found console in sighting one VERY OLD bush in our jungle-ous Seattle backyard, and now no one would know it’s a lilac bush. I went-to-town on it.

However, the crop was worth it. So worth it.

(they're not even blooming yet, but I couldn't risk our neighbor reaching over the fence and stealing them)

And when the blossoms no longer have the ability to overpower our home, I’ll resort to this.

(it says "lilac blossom," and it's not lying)


Neighbor Jane Payne said...

I'm SO glad you found lie-lucks. Just last week you were bemoaning thinking you'd miss them this year, I'm so glad you didn't.

I forgot. Does that lie-luck oil smell good? Realistically good?

By the way, your happiness is . . . posts make me happy, too. Thank you.

HeatherM said...

So, what's it take to beat Neighbor Jane to the #1 spot on your blog? She is soooo hogging the #1 comment spot. Apparently, as usual, I'm a day late and an hour short.

My lilacs have frosted out the last FOUR years. Not a bloom one. Many promising starts - only to succomb to the frost. I think I'll head to your mom's house instead.

Julie said...

I love lilacs too. (I pronounce them the same as you, the CORRECT way). I don't have any in my yard here but my landlord brought some down and left them for me in my watering can. I loved them. Steve better watch out!

Anonymous said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY CALI! I thought about you today, but almost forgot to write it. Have a great, great, great evening.
Love, Aunt Rachel
P.S. Your blog is misleading. It's tricked me a couple of times by saying you just wrote twelve hours ago and this was posted longer ago than that. My hopes keep getting dashed.