Thursday, October 1, 2009

A Bird Head

And on a much lighter note:

There's a seagull out there without a head.


(Compliments of a walk with Neighbor Jane Payne)

Only keep scrolling down if you want to see a close-up, including the dried out eye sockets.



Neighbor Jane Payne said...

That was a funny thing, wasn't it? The funniest thing is that you were so darn fascinated about it and kept looking for the rest of him.

We need to take another walk. Who knows what we'll find.

katles said...

This cracks me up. Not the bird head (or the poor bird missing it, may he rest in peace (or, the case may be...oh goodness, I must stop...) per se, but the fact that you have more than one close-up view of it! Thanks for brightening my morning...(is that morbid? That a severed bird head brightened my morning? Maybe...)

Marcia said...

Oh Cali, I read all your blogs (as few as they are in past months) just waiting for the next one. I never comment because they seem to speak for themselves.

But this one is too funny. Here I am anxiously waiting for you to post and I open it up to find you worrying about a bird that's lost its head. Since birds are beginning to fly South, if I see any actual body that fits this head, I'll let you know.

hennchix said...

Normally, I would feel badly for the bird; however in this case,remembering all the theiving gulls that snatched my sammy off my beach towel, I find myself strangely satisfied that at least one stupid seagull has paid the price for his sins- talk about getting one's head bitten off!! (oooh, that is a little out there. Then again it is 1:30 am.)

Lynn said...

Your fascination seems to be notched up just a wee bit too tight. Which reminds me, I saw a movie of Anne Bolin being beheaded. Ick.