Thursday, April 8, 2010

Hello There

Dear Abe,

I thought about you more than usual yesterday.  The thoughts were simple.  They started coming around 2:00pm my time.  I think that was early morning for you.  I hoped you were sleeping well and that you would wake up feeling ready for the day.

I thought of you again later when I imagined you were already dressed, but not quite "working."  I hoped you felt some excitement for the work you would be doing that day... whatever that was.  I hoped you would feel challenged and find ways to keep your mind sharp.

I thought of you right before I fell asleep, knowing your day was in full motion.  I prayed you would be kept safe; that you would have the spirit of discernment, that you'd be an example and leader to those around you.  I know your days seem "regular" and maybe even boring.  Not every day of war is a charge.  However, it is another day in your life, and I hope you're falling asleep knowing it was a day well spent.

I had fun looking at these pictures of Grace and you.  They're of last summer when you both came to stay with us a few weeks before your wedding.  Ray and I would fall asleep at night hearing you two whispering in the living room, planning your life, kissing VERY loudly, and laughing.

I love you Abe.



Neighbor Jane Payne said...

Oh Cali. This is so sweet. I thought this line profound: "Not every day of war is a charge."

I love how good you are to your brothers and sisters. You are always so aware of them. Thank you.

Michelle said...

Ok, my eyes are wet after reading this. What an awesome note to a brother at war and how amazing that you are so close that you think of him on such a frequent basis. He and your family remain in our prayers.

Neighbor Jane Payne said...

Kissing MUCH too loudly.

Good thing we love Abe and Grace.

Julie said...

I love this letter. You are very articulate and a great sister. It's a good thing they are married now and can kiss loudly whenever they want!

Grace said...

I loved this so much. I know you didn't want Abe to get homesick from reading this, but I did, especially after seeing the pictures. Thank you, Cali!

P.S. Our kissing is loud. We work at it occasionally, but then we go right back to being loud. Maybe some day we'll have it down!

abe said...

thanks for the post cali. i love you.