Saturday, April 17, 2010

Flower Bed Massacre


I cleaned out our flower beds.  I cleaned them out from 8:00am to 9:30pm.  I could see the pity in the faces of all my neighbors as they walked by.  A few of them even commented, "still going at it huh?"

The flower beds were a big, horrible, mossy, grassy, weedy mess.  AND, all of the before mentioned were ALIVE and WELL.  That meant a hand trowel was useless... even the shovel was barely useful.  But, I didn't have a back-hoe, so the shovel it was.


I'm too embarrassed to put a picture of the flower beds on here.  I took a Darwinian attitude when cleaning out the beds.  If the real plants weren't smart or fast enough to get out of my shovel's way, then I chalked their slaughter up to natural selection.

Huh?  You still want some sort of a visual?  Picture Hiroshima, and I'm only slightly kidding.  I'll post a picture of them after a week or so when the sun and water have restored their turgor.

But, since a blog without pictures is a blog with too many words, I'll leave you with these pictures:

Ray demonstrating the art of sleeping (30 minutes ago)

Just in case you needed a close-up of it

The evolution of Ray's demonstration (1.5 minutes ago).  I think I'll go put him to bed.


Neighbor Jane Payne said...

Cousin Rachel just came in the room and said what are you laughing so loud for. I said, "This post of Cali's."

Ray evolving . . .

You make me laugh and laugh. Thank you.

Heather @ Multiple Hats said...

I love the evolution of Ray sleeping. I am a bit sleepy myself this afternoon, so it actually made me kind of jealous :) Can't wait to see the flower beds, post re-turgor. I have always coveted the deep greens of west-side gardens - but I never covet the yellow of the grass once the water rationing inevitably starts.

Em said...

You make me feel a little bit better about my flower garden...but only a little. I took a different approach on Darwin: if you can't survive on your own, you're not worth bothering with. I've learned to tell myself, "Your weeds are lovely, Emily." So Cali, whatever is left in your garden, I'm sure it's lovely.
-Emily Jaynes