Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Please Come Visit Us

Today I had to D-U-S-T the guest bathroom.  I had to dust it last week too.  I've had to DUST it for the past 5 weeks.  Dusting means I shake the rug and sweep up the dust bunnies.  Dusting means I turn on the water just to wash the rust out of the pipes.  I do this so that IF someone were actually to use the bathroom, they wouldn't be disgusted with the orange water coming out.  Dusting includes flushing the toilet because some of the dust bunnies somehow make it up into the toilet bowl and are floating on the water.  This is a new phenomenon because I've never (in my whole life) had a bathroom get dusty before it got dirty.

Can you see the dust bunnies swimming?

Matter of Fact: Growing up, one of us four kids had to clean the bathroom before we left for school each day.  If it wasn't clean, we couldn't get on the school bus and we'd miss school.  Which, now that I'm typing this out I'm thinking, "Holy Cow, how did that work as a motivator?  Clean bathroom or miss school?"  But it worked.  It worked right up until we could drive to school and could falsely promise my mom we'd do it when we got home.

Well, I've definitely digressed.  My point is...

Please come visit us, so I'll have a real reason to clean the bathroom next week.


Neighbor Jane Payne said...

Count me in! I'll come and flush your dust bunnies.

You're right. That WAS a stupid motivator. Oh ho. I've never thought about how stupid 'til now. How very funny. You were such good, conscientious students :)

Samantha said...

I want to come visit you!!

and my parents did the same thing! Our beds had to be made and our rooms clean before we could go to school. My dad even picked us up from the bus stop a few times, took us back home to complete the task, and then took us to school. We were humiliated!! Hahaha.

Ryan and Haley Krumblis said...

Um....Cali....HELLO! I will be there, in fact I will just move on in for a while if need be.....Hey we're thinking the Twin Falls fair this year......what do you guys think???!!!! Can't wait to live closer....I miss our talks and our non-stop laughing.:)

Ande Payne said...

Um I'm coming to visit you in like two days!!!

Also. Ray's hand placement looks questionable.

Anonymous said...

Oh man! I was going to tell you how I liked your picture. Then I read Ande's comment and of course had to go back and look at it again...didn't even notice the first all I see is the hand...and I can't stop laughing!

We would love to come visit. Though I don't know when we will fit it in. Maybe right after your visit to us!:)

Rachel said...

I think I need to come visit you too. I loved visiting you over Christmas Break! We need a repeat!

I, too, noticed said hand placement. ???

Donna Chapin said...

I would love to come visit! In fact, I will be in Seattle for some training (work) the first week of May. Maybe we can get together?
Who would think dust bunnies could swim in a toilet bowl?

Nicole said...

My friend and future business partner! I would love to come visit or maybe I should just find a job close by then I could come stir up your dust bunnies frequently.