Monday, April 19, 2010

Today Was A Good Day

Today, I did something that's taken me 16 months to do.  I got my new passport photos.  I filled out the passport paperwork in January of 2009, right after Ray and I got married.  I've had the paperwork sitting in my "TO DO" pile ever since.  Sometimes, it's been the only thing in my "TO DO" pile.

The reason I put it off... I didn't want a bad passport photo AGAIN, and I didn't want to pay $15.

Plan A:  Have Ray take it for me

Oh Hell No!

Plan B: Try a self portrait

I had a hard time centering myself against a white wall... and getting my face in the picture.
Not so bad as Ray's attempt, but pretty sure my application would be returned with a D-E-N-I-E-D.

Plan C:  Break down and pay the Post Office $15.  In theory, a safe plan.  However, I chickened out when I got to the front of the line.  The post office lady looked mean; like she wouldn't let me have a do-over if I looked ugly in it.  I also chickened out because I just couldn't part with the $15.  That's TOO expensive for a 2 inch picture.

Plan D:  See if Costco takes them.

They do.  For $5 you can have your picture taken, and as many do-overs as you want.
Well actually, I only know you can have at least 5 do-overs.
That's how many I needed.

As for the old passport photo... nice hair and squirrel cheeks Cali.


Neighbor Jane Payne said...

Cali, you beat all.

I'm headed to Costco.

(That's funny to think Ray sees you at that angle all the time...a foot from up above.)

Rachel said...

Oh my goodness. This is hilarious. I don't know if it's that you posted your picture that Ray took that you don't like. I don't know if it's that you chickened out at the post office because the lady looked to mean, or if it's because you had the guts to ask for FIVE redo's at Costco. You crack me up all the way around. Too funny, Cali.

Susan said...

Dear Cali,

That is a LOVELY passport photo. All the customs people that see it will be so impressed. I would say it was well worth the 5 retakes. Good job!


Heather @ Multiple Hats said...

I wish I was a Customs worker, so I could compliment you on your fabulous passport photo. Now, I know it is appropriate to ask - how many re-do's did that take?? Great post . . .

abe said...

the wreath behind your head in your self portrait makes your hair look crazy like the girl in a knight's tale. i love you.


Marcia said...

ho ho ho ho ho ho ho . . . I'm still chuckling on this one. Cali, you're too funny. How does your head think of these things. But I am going to have to agree with the "hell no" and the final product. Good decisions here.

Grace said...

I thought the same thing as Abe on that one picture. I like to have a good picture too. You are so good at finding good deals. I always justify the situation and say it's easy and convenient just to do it at the expensive places. You inspire me to do better! Love you, Cali!

Julie said...

You do look great in that picture! I just try to move quickly through the passport control line and hope they don't really look at my picture too close! Great idea on the redo's from Costco! Now you can come to Norway! I'll leave the light on for you.