Monday, September 13, 2010

Don't you think it's about time for a Houdini update?

Well, she's doing juuuust fine.

She has now officially lasted 7 months longer than my first turtle did.  Here are my 7 (one for each additional month she's survived) most favorite memories of her from this summer.

In no particular order:

3.  Losing her in the flower bed.  This spring, I thought I'd take her outside to weed with me.  I thought it would help us bond.  I lost her for about 20 minutes.  At minute 17 I started to feel really panicked because I suddenly remembered she's a burrowing turtle.  She could have buried herself ANYWHERE in the flower bed.  At minute 18 I decided that if I didn't find her in the next 2 minutes, I would have to go ask my old lady neighbor to come out and help me look.  At minute 19 I started to lose hope and began creating a lie to tell Ray... I knew he would take her missing-ness the hardest.  Luckily, at minute 20 I found her.  She was out in the gutter of the road.  If I didn't know how much she loved life, I would have suspected her for suicidal.

6.  Telling her goodnight.  I used to turn her heat lamp off manually every night.  I'd turn it off and say, "Gooooood Night!"  Except, sometimes when Ray would be gone (traveling for work) I'd leave it on and use it as my night light.  One of those nights I started laughing in bed when I heard her mutter, "Good grief!  Is this day ever going to end?"  Now, she has a timer on her heat lamp.  So, when I hear it click off, from where ever I am in the house, I shout, "GOOOOOD NIIIIIIIGHT HOUDINIIIIII!"

(Eating a worm... the only thing that makes her excited)

1.  Having her run away from home.  I could relate with this one because I still remember the time I ran away from home when I was 3.  Sometimes you just need a break from you home life, chores, mundane routine.  Unfortunately Houdini didn't have the resolve I possessed.  She only lasted 30 minutes.  I lasted 3 days.  I shouldn't have been surprised by her attempt, though.  She'd been showing all the signs of running for months.

7.  Watching her eat a worm.  Or a pill bug, or a moth, or a banana.  Nothing makes a parent more proud than having a good eater.

(Eating a banana and lettuce)

4.  Losing her in the house one day after I gave her a bath, and finding her half way down the staircase.  I'm not sure if she was doing it step-by-step, or if she had decided to take them 6 at a time by rolling down.

2.  Having Ray make her a "car seat" so he could take her to Moses Lake to be turtle sat.  He took an ice-cream bucket and filled it half way with dirt.  He put Houdini in it.  Then he filled the rest of the bucket up with dirt and put the lid on... but not too tight.  He also threw 2 worms in there with her... something to play with.  This was ALL his idea... just being ingenious.  I had nothing to do with it, but still laugh when I think about it.

(Houdini sitting on her rock.  Since it was spring time, Ray thinks she was hoping it was another turtle)

5.  Hmmmm, I'm out of favorite memories.  I guess I only have 6.  Oh wait.  I thought of one.  I love that she doesn't like us.  Ray's still delusions himself and thinks she likes him, but how could an animal love a master that they're scared to death of?  If we go anywhere near her, she sucks into her shell really fast or runs and hides under the log in her aquarium.

(The bow Ray tied around her when he gave her to me for my birthday)


Neighbor Jane Payne said...

Yes, yes, I agree. Ray would take a lost Houdini quite hard. I can't believe she's still alive.

I still have her picture on our fridge. One thing about Houdini is she looks the same today as yesterday. She's ageless.

Gooooood niiiiiiiiiiiiiight Houdini.

Neighbor Jane Payne said...

i like turtles almost as much as i like snakes........take good care of

Michelle said...

why is it Cali that half of your favorite moments invole having lost him for a period of time? hmmmm

Ande Payne said...

I'm with Michelle...why is Houdini always getting lost? And why is that your favorite memory?! Do you not love Houdini? Maybe that's why she is running away...because she thinks you don't love her properly. Although, she is a bit hard to love. What with all the hissing and hiding.

Lynn said...

I can't believe you've purposely tried to keep her alive, or haven't tried to purposely lose her. I have to say, I think turtles are icky. I think most pets are icky. I'm even tired of my dog. Shall I send her to you? When's Ray's birthday....???

Nicole said...

I don't know if Houdini is actually getting lost or just trying to live up to her name by disappearing. Unfortunately, for her you are like Nancy Drew and always find her which is really messing with her plans.

Michelle said...

Cali, I just want you to know that I got a nice laugh out of all 7 memories, as well as the photo captions. Not just a little chortle either, or one of Ty's silent laughs. Like real, out-loud laughs. Thank you. :-)

Rachel said...

The other day I literally stopped in the middle of the road so a turtle could cross. It was about Houdini's size too. It was one of those moments you don't ever expect but always see in cartoons. Just a few days later there was ANOTHER turtle on the road, but it was much bigger (football sizish?) and I was going much faster. Luckily I was able to aim just right so that he went in between my wheels instead of under them. He was a brave little fella, it was a busy road! He must have had something very important on the other side. Why else would a turtle cross the road?

I thought about you both times. I think you would love to see turtles just crossing the road everywhere you go.