Monday, November 29, 2010

A Hummingbird Has Brown Feathers in the Winter

Last week, before Thanksgiving, it snowed here in Seattle and I found myself wishing I had someone here at home to enjoy it with me.

Ray went in to work.  After he got there, I asked him how many other people were in the office with him.  He said one other person showed up.  By one o'clock he was the only one there.  He still didn't come home and enjoy the snow with me.

It kind of made me feel sorry for myself... a snow day and no one to share it with.

And well, it's like I always used to say.  If you're feeling sorry for yourself, go find someone to serve.

So serve I did.

I made more hummingbird nectar for my hummingbird feeder.  I didn't know hummingbirds lived in Seattle in the winter, but they do.  I've got at least two of them.  They started visiting my feeder in September, and since I imagine I'm the only person still feeding hummingbirds, I expect they'll feel quite loyal to me come spring.

I tried to catch proof that hummingbirds in Seattle in November really do exist, but as with most hard-to-believe things, the proof was difficult to capture on camera.

So difficult, I considered letting this picture be proof enough:

Hummingbird at feeder through window screen
These pictures proved the truth of the Bigfoot and Loch Ness Monster, so why couldn't my picture above stand as proof?


Loch Ness Monster
But, then I got this picture:

And eventually this one:

Consider it a proven fact now.  Hummingbirds live at my house in the winter and I am one step away from becoming the crazy lady that feeds all the pigeons in the park.


Ande Payne said...

And pretty soon they'll start landing on your head too! If you're going to be a crazy lady, I say go with being the hummingbird crazy lady.

Neighbor Jane Payne said...

I believed your proof through the screen picture. I did.

By the way where did "the proof is in the pudding" saying come from?

How much sugar water do you go through in a week?

Are you thinking of feeding other birds? I do believe you always feed the seagulls fries down on the pier, too. This just may be an undiscovered hobby. I think I know what to get your for Christmas.

Ty said...

Cali! I loved this. I loved the progression of pictures. You are one funny lady. Have a great one.

Rachel said...

More, more, more, Cali. I just love it when you post. ESPECIALLY when you refer to Bigfoot and Nessie. We be kindred spirits.

Mama Tales said...

I LOVE hummingbirds. I wonder......You have inspired me!