Friday, January 7, 2011

Just In Case You Were Wondering

Just in case you were wondering what I spent my last 48 hours doing.

A 5 year supply of contact solution
Our 5 year supply of contact solution arrived.  Ray's health insurance has a flex-spending account... which we had to use up before the year ended or else the money in it would be dissolved.  We had $90 to try and spend.  So at 11:45pm on December 31st, Ray and I were frantically searching the internet, trying to buy something that would qualify as "flex-spending appropriate."  The only thing we could spend it on, that we even remotely needed, was contact solution.  The UPS man just delivered my box of 24 large bottles of contact solution, so if you need some contact solution...

I finished sewing the top to a quilt I started in November.  It was bugging me that I couldn't vacuum in the guest room because my quilt blocks were all laid out on the floor, so I slayed that Goliath... and then I vacuumed.  I'm quite proud of myself for doing this quilt because:
1.  I've never quilted before and I taught myself how.  I even made up my own pattern.  I drew it on Microsoft paint... you know, that program on your computer by solitaire and the calculator.  I then did all the math to figure out how much fabric I needed.
2.  I went for the big prize.  No sir, no lap quilt as a starter for me.  I made a California King size quilt.
3.  I actually like how it turned out and want to do another one.  I was worried that as with most beginning sewing projects, it would need to be "stored" in the cedar chest until it was old enough to be an antique and not some heinous thing I sewed.  I'm even pleased enough it'll reside on our bed.

The Conservatory
I pulled all the house plants out of their holiday greenhouse and returned them to their rightful places in the house.  Because Ray and I knew we'd be gone for portions of November/December, and because I knew Ray would be adamant we turn the heat off while we were gone (even if it was only overnight), I had a 5 minute brainstorm on how to keep my house plants alive through those 2 months.  As with most brainstorm sessions, I produced 9 idiotic ideas and a single genius one.  The idiotic ones were things such as asking neighbors to plant sit or try the Darwinian approach again and see if their genetics were hardy enough to survive (tried that one last year).  The one genius idea: put all the plants and Houdini in the bathroom which has its own heater with its own thermostat.  That way I could shut the door, turn the thermostat in there up, and even if the rest of our house froze over, our bathroom would be a sweltering 70 degrees.  It worked pretty well.  Even Houdini thought it was awesome, she came out of hibernation and spent the holidays in her swimming pool.

Snicket's first attempt at bearing fruit
I finally gave up on the first fruit from our lemon tree.  I kept hoping that despite its size, it would turn into a stellar firstborn.  When half of him turned black, I called it a bust and threw the dang thing away.  Luckily, there's a normal sized lemon on the tree that's starting to turn yellow as well.  I guess the first was just a practice round... we're calibrated now.

The table top, which hasn't been seen for months
I cleared off the dining room table.  That table has had stuff on it since Halloween.  It's been a toss up between gifts that needed to be delivered, decorations that needed hung (and never were), projects that needed finishing (and finally are).  A short quip for a HUGE accomplishment.

The shattered window
The pimp boots
I've been calling glass people and asking them how much they would charge to replace my windshield.  Last weekend when Ray and I were in Portland for our anniversary, someone threw a pair of black boots off a tall building and they hit our windshield.  We were parked on a street, trying to decide where to eat our anniversary dinner, and suddenly there was a WHACK!  After they hit, Ray and I just looked at each other and with our eyes said, “What the hell was that?”  Ray gets out to assess the situation while I sit inside the car and keep trying to decide where to eat dinner... no need for both of us to get cold out there.  A few pedestrians came up and said they could attest that the boots came flying out of the sky.  They all stare and scratch their heads.  Finally the small crowd dispels and Ray pulls out his camera and takes a picture of the windshield, the boots strewn on the sidewalk, and me sitting in the passenger seat still deciding where to eat.  When the pictures are all snapped, he picks up the boots and puts them in the back seat.  I ask him why on earth we’re taking those nasty, black pimp boots with us.  With a straight face, and I assume all honesty, he answers, “just in case it goes to court.”  I laugh because the only court this will ever go to is daytime TV court… and even then we would need to locate a perpetrator.  SO, if anyone has size 9.5 feet, likes black, velvety boots with shiny, silver buckles, and doesn’t mind looking like a pimp, we have some boots for you.  OR, if anyone knows of someone living in Portland that is missing their boots, we've got 'em.

Ray's court picture: boots at the scene of the crime
Ray's court picture: me looking up to the roof top to see where on earth those boots came from.
Proof in fact, I stayed in the vehicle.

The mantle, half finished
I got two coats painted on our Ray & Calvin Inc mantle.  Ray decided it needed more sanding however, and sanded off one of my coats.

Rose petals drying
Ray gave me a dozen pink/orange/yellow roses for our anniversary.  I've kept a handful of petals from all the roses he's given me (since we started dating) dried and in a jar.  I de-petaled this batch and put them out to dry.

I got my teeth checked and cleaned.  It was such a brutal cleaning that afterward I had to text Ray "you can't kiss me too aggressively tonight.  The dentist worked my teeth over.  I'm sore."  It was kind of a sad day because, as I lay there in the chair with every muscle in me clenched, I had a moment of truth.  I don't like going to dentists anymore.  I think the reason it took so long for me to come to that common opinion is because I had a great childhood dentist.  He had a bunch of movies we could watch as we were waiting and good magazines like Highlights.  He had a treasure trunk we could get a toy out of after we were done.  And best of all, I had no idea until I was an adult that dentists gave you a shot in your mouth.  He hid that needle from me for over 18 years.  I never once saw it or felt it.  Anyway, I don't like going to the dentist anymore.

Most importantly of all... I've been growing a baby.*  I've been doing this for 4 months and although he's only the size of an avocado, he's proving to be a powerfully needy being.  Well, either that or my body's trying to reject him.  I'm afraid I can't really prove it with a profile picture... isn't much to see.  However, "brick by brick my citizens, brick by brick."**

*Actually I should say we've been growing a baby.  Ray claims half ownership.
**Emperor Hadrian of Rome


Neighbor Jane Payne said...

My, my, my you have been so very productive in your last 48 hours. I still am floored (oh ho, now that is a good subtle pun) that you slew that Goliath.

I cannot wait for that little baby to outgrow your body. I was just thinking this afternoon how impossibly difficult it is to have a child that can delay gratification longer than I can and I wondered how much longer you could possibly keep the baby a secret! Thank you, thank you. I thought I might explode.

Those boots are hideous.

Is your mouth still sore?

I do love your preparedness gene. One can never have too much contact solution. I'm sure it has endless possibilities.

I love you. Thanks for posting.

Anita said...

Oh Cali (& Ray), congratulations! I'm so happy for you!

Brenda Goodrich said...

FINALLY! Your avocado was weighing heavily on my blabber mouth. And I actually kind of like the boots, believe it or not. One more thing---your quilt is wonderful!

Rachel said...

Ha, ha, ha, ha. Brick by brick and Hadrian. That's good stuff.

deidra said...

Congratulations! Hope you're feeling well.

Darla said...


I'm so excited for you and Ray !!!! You are gonna make great parents .... And I'm so impressed 4 months and no telling your closest friends in blog land... you would have thought we couldn't have kept a secret *lol*...

Cassidy said...

Wow. Busy. Good job. CONGRATULATIONS on the baby!!!!! That is so exciting!! When do you find out what it is? When is your due date?
Crazy about the car and boots. you should try and sell the boots. you never know what you could get for those babies.

Noriko Anderson said...

First things first... gator boots... with a pimped out gucci suit!!! love it.... save them for a rainy day... they'd make a great halloween costume... second congrats on the baby. that's so exciting! I hope pregnancy treats you better than it does me. third i admire that you can grow plants.. I got three big plant arrangements from my dad's funeral, and I think the ficus is dying.. unless they shed for the winter?! any suggestions?! and quilts.. yes i have a few sitting around here waiting to be finished... poor guest room...

Greg and Gwen said...

WOW, you have been busy, but your last comment explains it're nesting!!! And I'm SOOOOO very happy for you!!! Does this mean you are anticipating a June baby? We know all about June babies around here. This really is the best news ever! CONGRATULATIONS and please keep us updated on the progress of that's amazing how fast he will change to a watermelon!!!

Susan said...

Congratulations Cali and Ray!! That's awesome!!

Charity said...

Congratulations! I think you and Ray will make fabulous parents.

-your covert Alaska Friend

Donna Chapin said...

You have been very productive - finishing quilts, clearing off tables, plants, travel, celebrations,a baby. Congratulations. Do I get the honorary title of "Aunt Donna"?

tina said...

What a busy 48 hours! I am exhausted just reading about it. Especially considering for the last 72+ hours I have been in bed watching too much HGTV and DIY. Dang bronchitis!

Congrats on the baby! That's exciting stuff!!!

Neighbor Jane Payne said...

I just wanted to come back and let you know again how much I enjoyed this post. I loved the brick by brick quote.

Michelle said...

congrats to you both! What fun to add a baby to the mix!

Laurie Bingham said...

Oh cal! Congrats! Remember a few months ago when we were playing phone tag? I am so happy for you and Ray! Maybe we can chat sometime!

Mama Tales said...


melanie said...

Yeah! You're growing a baby, how fun. Well except for the whole body rejecting it and all. Good thing that eventually passes though not as soon as I usually want it too!

I'm the same way with the dentist. I used to love going. Now I have anxiety for days before and after. Hmm, the treasure box may have something to do with that.

Way to go on the quilt, I'm impressed!

katles said...

Aw, congratulations Cali and Ray. I'm SUPER happy for you!

Ryan and Haley Krumblis said...

I can't wait. End of story. Even though we are ONLY cousins and since I have NO siblings can he/she PLEASE call me Auntie Haley? or Weird Aunt Haley? Either is fine by me;)

Rachel said...

My, my you are busy! I feel quite sluggish all of a sudden. And I'm also quite jealous of your contact solution! Congratulations on your new family member! I can't wait to meet your little avocado!

Julie said...

I'm finally catching up on blogs and yours are always so fun to read! I'm so excited for your new addition! I also love to hear about all your funny adventures. I hope some of you will stay with us for the wedding! Rest up...that avacado will make it much harder to quilt but will be a fun all his/her own! Congratulations!

Samantha said...

Cali! Dang, that's what I get for being SUPER behind on reading blogs. CONGRATULATIONS. You are going to be such a good mom. I think you'll love it.