Wednesday, August 31, 2011

April Fools

Yesterday was a weird day.  It felt like someone kept playing tricks on me.

It all started in the morning when I looked outside to see if it was going to be cold or warm.  It looked cold.  The sky was gray and there was fog on the water.  However Seattle has tricked me before; looks cold in the morning and ends up being sunny and warm.  I pulled up the weather forecast on the internet and was blown away to see that it was supposed to be sunny and in the low 80's.  Wow, that's practically a heat wave for us this summer.  So, even though it was still cold and foggy, I put shorts on and put Levin in just a onesie.  Finally at noon, after freezing ALL MORNING LONG, I wondered when it was going to finally get sunny and warm up.  Our house thermostat read 62 degrees.  I pulled the internet forecast back up and according to it, it was sunny outside and in the low 80's... just like it had promised.  I thought, "this internet weather man is on crack.  He needs to get out of his chair and step outside."  It is neither sunny nor in the 80's.  Then I noticed that I was looking at Los Angeles' weather.  Seriously bummed me.  I had been anxiously anticipating the sun all morning and evidenced my faith by keeping my shorts on, despite the fact I was freezing.  I think I'll turn the heater on tomorrow; give myself a pseudo heat wave.  I hope you're enjoying the good weather LA.

Unaware of his impending doom by nurse and needle
Levin had his 2 month check up.  You know what that means... stats and shots.
Height: 24 in (80th percentile)
Weight: 13.5 lbs (80th percentile)
Head Circumference: can't remember (30th percentile)
I think my dad and Ray put it best.
Dad: All brawn and no brain to get in the way.
Ray: Ladies might love you.  Professors will not.
A healthy dose of Tylenol and a nap were on his agenda for the rest of the day.

The day just kept getting kookier.  Our house started smelling like gas.  We have a diesel furnace for heat, so I wondered if maybe there was a leak in the line.  I searched everywhere and couldn't find even a hint of a leak (except the smell of course).  I called the diesel delivery company to see if they had been out messing with our tank during the day... nope.  Finally, I called Ray to see if he had any suggestions and to warn him that Levin and I may be brain dead by the time he got home.  After talking on the phone for 5 minutes and brainstorming, we realized it was coming from the tool shed in the basement where Ray stores the lawnmower and a large colony of spiders (which are now probably brain dead as well).  The lawnmower decided to rid itself of its gas.  I spent the last half of the day trying to air out the house.  I think the diesel ran its course though, I feel stupider-er.  Poor Levin.  His 30th percentile brain never even had a chance.

The man that died with his boots on
Last, I kept seeing Ray's scuba diving dry-suit hanging from the deck as it was drying off.  All 12 times I saw it, I thought it was some person hanging from the gallows on our deck.  By the end of the day, I was pretty shook up about it.  You can only handle seeing a dead person on your back porch so many times... and that was about 11 times too many.

The good life
I think Levin sitting in his swing (with his growing gut) looks like a big man in his easy chair.  All he needs to learn to say is, "Woman, bring me my milk."  Ray about gagged when he saw the swing... a fuzzy bunny swing with ears on the head support???  As consolation, he's teaching Levin to grab the toy bunny (the blob between his legs in the picture) and strangle it.

And, I think I'll end on that note.


Neighbor Jane Payne said...

That is one looooooooong scuba suit, it nearly hangs from the rafters to the ground. It must fit a tall man, someone say around 6'6" or so.

Levin's belly certainly fills out his onesies nicely.

I have learned from my times in Seattle to never trust that it will get warm. Never. Always take a sweater and plan to wear it all day.

I am so glad you post. I enjoy reading them very much. In the early a.m. when I'd rather stay in bed I think, "But maybe one of the kids' posted" and it gets me out. Thank you for the nice surprises in the mornings.

Neighbor Jane Payne said...

Hey, I just thought about your poor neighbors, in specific, Rita on one side and Dorothy on the other. After the next door piano man's demise think of the effect that swinging scuba suit must have had on them.

Deidra said...

At two months he's already bigger than our Millie at four months! Well, she has him by 1/2", but the nurses had to measure twice, and I'm still not convinced that's right. Wow!

Staffieri Family said...

I just had a laugh out loud moment while reading your weather experience, which then made me embarrassed since I am sitting next to a stranger on a bench at Disneyland. Oh, and we are enjoying this 80 degree weather, just FYI! 

Ande Payne said...

That picture of Levin at the end is the best. His belly is huge.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe how many posts I've missed. It's fun catching up on them. Your quilt is amazing- and I love the poof balls. I'm envious of the material piles and all the possibilities. And I wish I could snuggle Levin while he's young enough not to resist. Kiss him for me.
Aunt Lynn

Payne Family said...

Thanks for posting so much Cali! I love it. I laugh everytime I read your blog. Keep the posts and laughs coming.

Tiffany Fackrell said...

i can't remember if i got back to you about that sushi place or not. it is called sushi Ya it is right behind joanne's fabric in that little strip mall where value village is. right off of columbia center.

Anonymous said...

your sweet boy is adorable. and the hanging scuba suit is creepy.

melanie said...

I really laughed at Levin's learning to strangle the bunny. Definitely more manly than a pillow with ears.