Sunday, August 21, 2011

The Sunday Evening Post

I'm working on a post now that is titled, "Things I Wish I'd Done Differently."  As you can imagine it's going to be a long one.

Levin is lying on the bed with Ray and me right now and sleeping.  I don't think he'll be sleeping long though, because Ray found a single thread from somewhere and is using it to tickle Levin's ear and leg.  Now I know why Ray and my dad get along so well... I'm having deja vu of waking up from my own naps my ENTIRE life.

Today was a good day.  For lunch, Ray had left overs (don't feel sorry for him, we both LOVE leftovers) and I had a really good salad made entirely of leftovers or stuff from the garden.  It had lettuce (garden), tomatoes (garden), cucumbers (garden), mozzarella cheese (leftover from Abe/Grace wedding), candied walnuts (leftover from Ty/Michelle wedding), blueberries (neighbor's garden), poppyseed dressing (leftover from Ty/Michelle wedding).  I like to tell Levin what I'm eating for each meal because... well, he'll be eating it in a few hours.  He requests beet flavored milk and ice cream flavored milk the most.  I oblige.

I took a nap today.  I haven't taken a nap since the first week after Levin was born.  I've needed naps, just didn't feel like I had time to take them.  More about that later in "Things I Wish I'd Done Differently."  However, I don't deserve too much sympathy because Levin decided about 3 weeks ago that he'll take sleep over food.  I put him to bed at 9:00pm and he wakes up at 5:00 or 6:00am.  For about 6 seconds, I thought of waking him up; worried he might starve during those 9 hours or that I might bust open.  But, I haven't bust open yet and he certainly isn't starving.

Back when he was only a week old... and hated me pounding on his back.
I told Levin 3 times today that he is SOOOO stupendous, that he makes me want another one.  There's no such thing as too much of a good thing.

I'm worried I gave the wrong impression with the pictures of Levin crawling into his car seat yesterday; that Levin is a prodigy and that it is due to some deep, inner genius within him.  That's simply not true.  Ray gets all the credit.  He started with Levin when he was young.

Ray teaching Levin to crawl at 1 week

Levin saying, "I can't!"

Ray saying, "You don't want it bad enough."


Samantha said...

I am curious beyond curious about what you could possibly wish you'd done differently! As far as I can tell, you've done everything right, especially deciding to LET Levin pick sleeping over eating. You are my kind of girl.

Also- on your last post, I had to laugh about the "what makes you an adult" comment. My whole life, anytime my dad made me a sandwich and I didn't want mustard on it or especially a tomato, he's say, "I guess you aren't a grown up yet." It wasn't until a few years after I got married that I started wanting tomatoes on my sandwiches and hamburgers. And that's when I knew. My husband and dad were both like, "Oh look at you, you're finally a grown up!"

Michelle said...

3 things that are good about this post:
1. I read your last post less than 24 hours ago. So close together -- it's like Christmas!
2. I love your witty sense of humor.
3. Ty and I are sure that Ray and Levin actually had that exact conversation word for word about crawling.

Neighbor Jane Payne said...

Oh Cali. I do love your posts. I don't think Levin said he wants beet milk, I think he said breast milk.

I love your title. I do hope it'll be a regular.

You're a great writer.

I also love your new camera and that you use it alot.

Is that your new quilt that you made that I see under Levin?

Gwen said...

Seeing these cute pictures of Levin make ME want another one!!! Your family is beautiful and it's so fun to see updates from you!

hennchix said...

Cali!! I love your posts- and I agree with Michelle, it IS like Christmas when you post so close together. Levin is such a sweet little man I am not surprised you want another one. My word verification is fiani- as in "get your fiani(fanny) in gear on that project"!! Just kidding!

Staffieri Family said...

You are absolutely beautiful Cali!