Thursday, September 8, 2011


It was time to feed Venus the fly trap.  It was a bona fide rodeo in that bathroom this afternoon.

It involved me:
~locking a fly in the bathroom
~chasing the fly around the bathroom for about 8 minutes (I don't exaggerate... this fly was not prepared to meet it's maker)
~never actually hitting the fly but at least stunning it with the hurricane-strength wind my flyswatter generated
~picking the fly up with a pair of tweezers so I can actually get it in the mouth of the Venus Fly Trap
~fly escaping because Venus didn't close her jaws fast enough
~realizing Venus would never survive in the wild with such slow reflexes and recognizing an inbred fly trap when I see one
~catching the fly again, but when attempting to pull its wings off so it can't escape, pulled it apart into two pieces
~getting to feed two fly traps for the sweat of one

The wild, wild west is still alive and well.


Neighbor Jane Payne said...

Not only is the west alive and well, but so is your photography. Your pictures are so beautiful. I love the detail and the colors.

The family fly fetish seems to live on. Tell me it ain't so.

Tiffany Fackrell said...

wow i never knew that you actually had to feed those plants fly's...i thought they were just a normal plant that you water and give sunlight this for real?

Staffieri Family said...

haha, gross!

Michelle said...

Hahahahaha please tell me you'll set up a video camera next time you try to feed it!

Ty said...

I got so excited when I read the title for this blog because I remember when you still had your venus fly trap in the fridge. Back when it was a microscopic seed. I can't believe that anybody could actually raise one of those to fly-eating size because it sounded so finicky. I shouldn't have doubted you though. Thanks for posting.

Rachel said...

This is too funny. I hope Venus can overcome its poor inbred genetics. You will have to nurture it to overcome its nature.