Monday, October 31, 2011

Humble Beginnings

Is it too late to post Halloween pictures?  What about if they are of my decorations?

Oh well, I'm going to put them up anyway.  This is THE FIRST TIME I've decorated my house for a holiday.  Not even Christmas' past have been decorated.  One year we had a tree, but that was because Ray went and got it and put it up and put all three of our ornaments on it.  I'm turning over a new leaf, though.

It isn't much, but I'm all about humble beginnings.

How spooky is that... there's a ghost's reflection in the glass.

Ande and I made those mummies.

This mummy is breakdancing.  He was so disproportioned (the first one I made), so I had to bend him into a breakdance pose so he wouldn't look ridiculous.   

NOW, if you want to hear something really scary:

Today Levin had his four month check-up.  He got some shots and this afternoon he was lying on the floor playing.  He was laughing and cooing so much, I turned to see what he was doing.  He had the band-aids pulled off his thigh and was sucking on them.

That is the stuff nightmares are made of.  At least for me.  Hairballs and used band-aids... just thinking about them gives me the willies.

Something else scary:

Levin weighs 17lbs.  No wonder I have to say "heave ho!" before I try to lift his carseat out of the car.  No wonder I have to get his car seat swinging back and forth for momentum when I lob it into a shopping cart.  No wonder my arms are sore.  He better learn to walk or carry himself here soon.


Neighbor Jane Payne said...

I didn't know you decorated for Halloween? I thought the skull in the terrarium with the excelsior was clever. Those mummies are really cute. Someday I want to come and join you and Ande on one of your pinterest days. Maybe sometime when Grace and Michelle are all here we can all bring an idea and spend the WHOLE day.

Oh man. I knew Levin was getting heavy, but seventeen pounds heavy I didn't guess that. I remember one year when I was decorating for a Valentine's Dance with Gerry Loughmiller. You kept squawking, but you weren't crying so we kept hanging the crepe paper. Finally I turned around to see what it was you were squawking at and saw a stink bug clinging to your lower lip with his legs splayed for leverage the best he could. You were trying to shove him into your mouth with your fist. Ew. Double ew. I saved the stinkbug from being eaten, but you had stinkbug breath for a long time. (Remember how many stinkbugs the Hollister church always had? No class went the whole time without at least one stinkbug crawling out from the corners.)

Neighbor Jane Payne said...

Where oh where did you get those creepy little skeletons?

I just noticed the one lying under the metal drawers. What a funny sight.

I especially like your metal drawers. What a good find.

Michelle said...

Cali, HUMBLE beginnings? I'd call it starting up with a bang. Good work! Those are some great decorations! If those are your humble beginnings, I can't wait to see next year!

Brenda Goodrich said...

Emily weighed about 17 pounds at a year old. Apparently, Levin will be bigger. Your decor is awesome!

Ande Payne said...

Ew! I've got the heeby jeebies too.

I loved your Halloween decorations. They turned out awesome. Nice work.