Sunday, November 6, 2011

Ol' Soggy Bottom

This picture says nothing but bad things.  It says:

1.  Once again I've put off folding the clothes until 10:30pm and since Levin is already asleep, I have to pile them by his door.  I can't even technically mark "laundry" off my To Do list because his clothes aren't put away.  The funny thing is that I don't even hate folding laundry.  I like it.  I put it off because I always save my fun chores until last.

2.  It's like I said to Ray tonight, "Well... it's official; nobody in this house creates more laundry than ol' soggy bottom in there."  He even generated more laundry than Ray made while hunting these past two weeks.

Ol' Soggy Bottom

And look who got one of those Bumbo seats this week?  Good timing because he got to eat his first baby food, a bunch of prunes, this week too.  It was kind of a bitter/sweet day.  Sweet because Levin can't escape.  Even with his super back-arch powers, his fat thighs stay firmly stuck.  At least for now.  Bitter because you feed a baby prunes for one reason only.  I'm scared to see how "that" drama is going to play out.  I guess every two weeks isn't often enough.  Last month I only changed one messy diaper.  The other one was on Ande's watch.  And now I need to eat a slice of humble pie because I swore I'd never talk about such things on a blog.


Cache said...

Cali, he looks JUST like your baby pictures!! Do you realize that he is your clone?! What a fun clone to have. I've also never ever had one that needed prunes. That little tidbit 'blew' me away. Seriously.
Love you all,
Grant Rachel

Deidra said...

Millie has a pile of laundry like that piled in front of her closet door! I don't particularly like laundry, but I don't mind it much either. I've always been really good about folding each load and putting it away. Add in a baby and I completely stink at it! I now have to take back every judging thought I've had about my sister who has huge laundry piles. Somehow, the kiddo laundry makes it harder. It's no longer one load each of whites, colors and darks per week-- that's for sure.

Poor, cute Levin. Better prunes than an enema, I suppose. (I can't believe I just wrote that.) Hope things get moving soon!

Susan said...

I just want to push the "like" button on this post so much! It made me smile the whole way through!

Michelle said...

How does he keep getting cuter?

hennchix said...

That first pic is priceless- it's like he is considering whether his blowout can wait until he is in your arms, or if he wants to wait for the carseat!! I love me some Levin!!

PS- my word verification is "pratater" other wise known as "Potater" AKA Levin!! HAHAHA!! I kill myself!!

Laurie Bingham said...

He is so cute, and you're right, he's getting so BIG!

Neighbor Jane Payne said...

Oh my goodness! He changes so quickly. He looks like a little man. A handsome little man.