Friday, January 20, 2012


Seattle got snow this week.  I was pretty excited at the prospect of being shut indoors for the week until I heard that people were losing power.  Shut indoors with no internet and no reading in the evening and no movie watching... guess I wouldn't have been a good pioneer after all.

The Sound

Sometimes, Levin waking up from his naps reminds me of those people that say, "Don't talk to me until I've had my coffee."  He wakes up gruuuuuum-py and milk is the only thing that seems to cure it.  My favorite part is when he takes that first suck and closes his eyes.  I imagine he's whispering in his head, "nirvana."

On the other hand, lately I'm finding him each morning and after naps in this pose.  Maybe that's why he's not happy.

He scoots himself right into a pickle in an attempt to ditch the swaddle

I know.  I'm working on getting him a crib.

As for news about me...

Well, the biggest news is probably a little crass and probably not blog appropriate.  However, I'm feeling generous.  I have my body back, and it feels great.  Levin decided 3 weeks ago that he doesn't want to nurse anymore.  The look he gave me said it all, "I'm a big boy now, and I don't drink from boobs anymore."

A month ago when I realized that I'd eventually have to someday stop nursing him, I kind of got sad at the thought.  I suddenly knew why there were children (excluding third-world countries) that were still nursing at 3.  I was sad at the thought of not having this connection to him.  I wondered if I'd cry the last time I nursed him knowing it would be the last.  I can happily report that on that fateful morning we both looked at each other and said, "Ahhh, to hell with it!"  And that was that.

Now, if I feel sad that he's getting big, I just look at old pictures and get my fix.


Neighbor Jane Payne said...

I do love it when you post. I really love it. Thank you.

I'm glad it was not traumatic for either one of you to be done nursing. I'm hoping you can get a little back fat put back on now.

Yes. Yes. I think he's ready for a crib. I thought of Paul Bunyan when I saw that picture of Levin in his cradle.

Haley Krumblis said...


Oh I have just been waiting for a post! I love it. I've been thinking about all of you in Washington with how much snow you have gotten. We are in a donut hole, no snow for I don't know how long, but everyone else has it. I LOVE the picture of Levin pouting (the last one in the crib). It is a picturesque example of a pout. I can't believe Levin is off the Boob! Now what? I love and miss you.


Gwen said...

I'm with your mom and it when you post!

Cassidy said...

It gets harder to stop nursing with each child. prepare yourself. ;) Levin is DARLING. Love the pout look.

Marcia said...

Cali . . . truly, In the words of Anne of Green Gables, you are a "kindred spirit". I am still chuckling. What I'm always wondering is what is it you think and don't ever say. Ho! Ho! Ho! Just thinking about that one makes me smile.

I think that Levin is also done with swaddling. Can't you just hear his little arms crying, "Freedom, Freedom!"

Aunt Marcia

Rachel said...

I love that little boy. These pictures made me homesick! I cried one whole lap around the graveyard picturing Levin's cute pout.

Deidra said...

That sad pouty lip is adorable.

I can almost guarantee my mom won't be hoping for me to put on back fat when I'm done nursing! And I, too, can totally see why some moms nurse forever... At least some days.

Heather Williams said...

Ah Cali, you are a bit of fresh air I tell your honesty. I'm glad you both had a sweet ending to the nursing makes it all that much better. But aren't you glad you did what you did! Anyway, love his cradle, that cute little bundle in that cradle (even if he is smudged in the corner:)) He's adorable and your a great mom!

Staffieri Family said...

Freedom!! That's what I call when you are done nursing, it's a great day!!