Friday, February 24, 2012

Bodies for Science

Levin has decided he will not give his body to science, but he'll sell it.

University of Washington offered him some pocket change for his cooperation in a language development study.  He took the money.

Electroshock Therapy

Just Kidding

On a side note:  Apparently his hair is his crown of glory.  Without it, I can't even tell this is my baby.  I've looked at these picture over and over and still can't tell he's mine.

Don't ever shave your head then get lost Levin, your mother will not claim you.


Michelle said...

Whoa, he DOES look different. I think he looks older--quite a bit older. But still darned cute!

Deidra said...

He's so cute.

Purdue has some research involving kids, but they offer some lame token of appreciation, so we haven't taken the plunge to participate yet. Maybe we should.

Neighbor Jane Payne said...

I always wondered who they did their studies on, and now I know. I wonder what they are figuring out. I wonder what kind of data they collected.

You gave me a start when you said electro-therapy (oh ho, there is a pun in there).