Thursday, April 12, 2012


How to make it quit raining?  Buy expensive wellies and be very excited to wear them.

At first I called them irrigating boots.

But then I realized there were 5 BIG reasons not to call them that anymore:
  1. Irrigating boots don't cost this much.
  2. Irrigating boots always have at least a cup of muddy water or muddy sludge sitting at the bottom of them.
  3. Irrigating boots are kept in a big bin out in the garage and you have to dig through eight other pairs to find a possible match.
  4. Irrigating boots have alfalfa leaves inside them and alfalfa stems wrapped around them.
  5. Irrigating boots lose their match immediately after being taken home and are therefore paired up with a lone mate from last year... which probably has a leak.

These are irrigating boots.  Not wellies.


Liberty said...

AND irrigating boots always have a high probability of having a mouse or large spider in them. Yours are MUCH cuter!! I missed seeing a picture of Levin in your post today!

Cassidy said...

keep telling yourself that Cali, they still look like irrigating boots to me. :) jk

Deidra said...

My dad made a rack to hold all the irrigating boots upside down, to prevent the rodent nesting or puddled water problem. But it didn't solve the missing partner or caked in cow poop problems.

Those are definitely not irrigating boots! And who knew wellies could make legs look so good. Or do the legs make the wellies look good? Bummer about the the lack of rain. I lucked out with our non-existent winter when I bought my rain jacket this spring. It's already seen lots of use. I'm not sure if I should wish you rainy days or not! :)

hennchix said...

Cute Callie! Red is such a cheerful color on one's foot!!

Levi said...

you can paint a pig red, but its still a pig.
Do you know how to make the temperature cool down? I'd be interested to know.

Ande said...

Quick, come back! It's raining today. Your wellies are giving me the covets.