Sunday, May 27, 2012

Ray Told Me to Just Post Pictures

We walked around the park this afternoon.  Ray happily pushed Levin and carried him.  I took pictures for a project I'm working on.  Levin sang his way along.  His singing pushed me to make a decidedly formed opinion.  Babies have the most sweetest of voice... it has perfect pitch.  Or, is it just so sweet because he's mine?

I like Ray's rug burned knee because he got it last night crawling on the floor with Levin.
It just feels like something I'll want to remember.


Neighbor Jane Payne said...

What a great surprise to wake up to! Ray's advice to "just post pictures" was spot on. thank you.

I, too, think the rug burn needed to be documented. Great shots, Cali. Great shots.

What's the project?

Tina said...

I love the little hand grabbing dad's ear!!!