Saturday, June 22, 2013

Fathers & Sons

This weekend was the Father and Sons' Campout.  Ray was excited to take Levin and invited my dad to join them.  I'm pretty sure he was entertaining the idea of taking Atlas too.  It was dude camping, but they had an awesome time.  Ray sent me texts and pictures throughout the day/evening/night/morning so I wouldn't feel left out.  I didn't feel left out.

I'll post the texts with their pictures so you won't feel left out either.

Let good times roll.

The build up.

After ten good runs, a "shouldn't have been
running on wet plastic like Dad told you," and a
case of the cold shivers . . . 

The long wet walk home . . . 

This is a kid's dream log to run and climb on . . . 

"If only I were a foot taller . . ."

"Finally!  Someone my own size I can play with."

"Wait a minute . . . Don't play with my chair.  It's mine, give it to me."

Levin meets Mr. S'more.  Then tries to wipe it on Dad.

All bundled up and ready for bed.

"Good morning . . . Is that a bear I hear outside?"

"I know there is a man-eating, growling beast lurking
outside waiting to eat me . . ."

"No way in hell I'm going out with that bear unless
I can get some oatmeal for breakfast."

Levin discovers the bear and faces it down.

"Any bear that will let me watch iPhone videos is
a friend of mine."

"We call this a mess . . . er, I mean breakfast."

Out for a morning ride.

Watching a horse be trained with Grandpa . . .
note the wrangler jeans
If you ever want to see a tight grip, you have two
choices:  throw a drowning cat on a log in the river
or have Cactus Cal share one sip of grape soda with
Mr. Levin . . . Both procure the same intensity of
grip . . . 

After canoeing, hiking, and hitting the giant slip 'n slide
again, Mr. Levin is spent and headed back to civilization.
One if the last things he said before was "bye horse" and "mommy."


Michelle said...

Looks like an awesome time. Heaven for all three of those fathers and sons. What I want to know is why some of the other sons in attendance were wearing pink and/or french braids and/or pony tails.

abe said...

Ha ha...he looks like a natural born woodsman. He's not even afraid of bears!

Staffieri Family said...

I miss camping in the grass and green. We only have dust and dirt down here!