Sunday, June 30, 2013

Sunday Evening Post

Top 10 for the week:

1. Tide pools in West Seattle during the lowest tide for the year.  The highlight was the moon snail.  I'd never seen one before.

2. Levin's birthday at the zoo.

Yup.  Basically the only picture we took while there.
Nothing says "family man" like pushing a double stroller with an Elmo balloon attached.

3. Heat.  We are no longer conditioned for temperatures in the 80's.

Ray always teases me about having a heat tolerance range of 5 degrees... 70-75 degrees to be exact.
I'm not the only one that thinks 84 degrees is "uncomfortable."
That swimming pool is now acidic... Levin informed us each time he peed in it.
Swimming party, our house, tomorrow.

4. Still figuring out what our life now looks like.  I didn't know it would change so much just by having Atlas.

5. Since free time for projects and sewing has bottomed out at 0, I just pull out pieces of fabric and look at them... and make Atlas look at them with me.

Atlas helping me pick out fabric.  "Anything but pink," he said.

6. Atlas' arrival definitely clarified that Levin is no longer a baby.  A mini-man is more like it.  He's already pulling a man's weight around the house.

I especially like two things:
1. Ray's wearing safety goggles... since when does he or anyone else do that?
2. Levin isn't wearing safety goggles and is in front (shielding I suppose).

7. Not enough of this going on around here.  I forgot what it felt like to be absolutely exhausted.

The head bob finally woke me up

8. Ray thought our neighbor's junk just might be treasure.  Turns out it was.

Ray made me slam on the breaks when he saw this beauty out by our neighbor's trash can on trash day.
He and Levin walked her the last quarter mile home.

9. Sad day this week when i realized it was time to buy non-breakable dishes.  Serves me right though... I'd just been patting myself on the back for not having broken a dish in 5 years.  The real question now is: Corelle or Melamine?

New home... stacked on the bottom shelf

Melamine option

10. The raspberries are going gang-buster.  Even Levin is getting sick of eating them.


Ty said...

Makes me wish I could be there. You guys have a great family. Atlas is one lucky little boy.

Neighbor Jane Payne said...

Oh, I do hope the Sunday Evening Post is a tradition. It was the funnest thing to wake up to it today.

I love your melamine dishes. Amazing how Levin and I can break so many dishes in five minutes when you didn't break any in five years!

I love your captions. Ray, the family man with the double stroller and Elmo balloon was pretty funny.

You and Atlas both look exhausted.

That moon snail is HUGE. My goodness. Who knew they were so close to being seen. Oh wait. I get it. That's why they are called moon snails because they only come out on the low tides which are caused by the moon, right?

Thanks for the update. It was so fun to see.

By the way, Atlas looks like he's grown a ton in the picture where he tells you not to pick pink.

Ande said...

I hope this is a tradition too! I love when you blog. You have the funniest thoughts.

melanie said...

Yes, make this post a tradition! You have the best wit, I love to read your blog.

Levin is adorable holding that binki in. What a cute face. Cute baby too!

Rachel said...

You could even do a BI-WEEKLY post and I wouldn't get tired of it. :) As it is, I have to reread your posts at least five times! I just love the pictures SO much! Well, and the fact that you make me laugh.

Courtney said...

love the moon snail!! Way to take advantage of the super low tide! And love that you're tidepooling while carrying an infant, that shows real dedication :)